California Housing Market

Housing Report: Home prices fall for the first time in 3 years!

In the latest Orange County Housing Report, Real Estate expert Steven Thomas discusses the chatter about a "housing recession" and what it means for homeowners and prospective buyers. While Thomas says the housing market has seen a significant drop in sales, he believes recession talk doesn't necessarily mean that housing is in a crisis or that values will plummet.
Learning about money

Making time for financial literacy: How to talk to your kids about money

At Nuvision, we believe that financial literacy is essential. For the past few years, we’ve held an essay challenge to educate teens on finances and provide scholarships. But parents still play the most important role in developing a child’s attitudes towards money, so we wanted to help make that process easier for those who might be wondering where to start.
California Housing Market

Orange County Housing Market: Home prices drop as sellers readjust to a normal market

The market is close to ditching its frenzied pace and returning to normal, Steven Thomas explains in his latest Orange County Housing Report. As the market evens out, buyers no longer need to worry about bidding wars, higher than asking price offers, and the breakneck speed of sales common just a few months ago.
School Shopping

How to save your money & possibly your sanity when shopping for school supplies

Students ever-growing needs for new backpacks, more supplies, and the latest clothes—paired with the rising price of supplies—can really overwhelm families. To get the most out of your money this school year, take a look at these tips