Membership at Nuvision Credit Union


Nuvision Federal Credit Union membership is open to:

  • Any immediate family or household member of a NuVision member
  • Any Southern California or Mesa, AZ Boeing Employee and their immediate family and household members
  • Any Select Employer Group (SEG) employee and their immediate family and household members
  • As a consumer, you may be eligible to join our credit union through the American Consumer Council (ACC). Please visit ACC’s website at: for more information on membership eligibility; or, to start your membership application.

What does the American Consumer Council do?

Based on its charter, the Council:

  • Provides education and information about the value and worth of products and services for consumers.
  • Promotes the use of consumer products and services that enhance the environment.
  • Promotes corporate responsibility with respect to consumer products.
  • Encourages a higher quality of life for all residents.

Am I required to renew my membership in the Council to retain my Nuvision Federal membership?

The benefits the Council offers are worthwhile and you should consider renewing your membership. Nuvision’s “once a member, always a member” policy enables you to continue your credit union membership regardless.

How do I contact the American Consumer Council?

By calling Jean Greer, the Council’s administrator, at 800.544.0414.