Al Mora Mortgage Consultant

Al Mora
NMLS ID #: 349529
Phone: 714-916-1720 or 714-745-6565
Fax: 714-375-6972
Email: [email protected]
Serving Costa Mesa Branch

Al Mora has been helping families secure and keep the home of their dreams since 1998. He has successfully closed over 1,450 loans in his career. Fluent in English and Spanish, Al believes that everyone has the right to improve their financial situation and understand their needs, building a strong relationship in the process that earn repeat business as well as referrals of family members, co-workers and friends.

Allan Le

Allan Le
NMLS ID #: 880898
Phone: 714-615-7881
Cell: 714-615-7881
Fax: 714-375-8507
Email: [email protected]
Downtown Los Angeles Branch and Mission Hills Branch

Allan has been in the Real Estate industry for 5+ years; serving Nuvision for members for 10+ and credit unions for 15+ years. He has a comprehensive understanding of guidelines and processes for purchases and refinances.  He makes himself available to answer question and concerns putting borrowers at ease. He stays with the borrower every step of the mortgage process.

Helping folks achieve the American Dream and letting buyers know they are now homeowners keeps him motivated. 

Carol Adams

Carol Adams
NMLS ID #: 279261
Mobile: 714-475-9436
Fax: 714-375-8521
Email: [email protected]
Serving Mesa Branch

With 25 years of residential lending experience and as a member of the Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR), Carol focuses on educating her clients about every step of the mortgage process. This approach consistently means satisfied members. Carol also devotes time servicing the members in the Mesa, AZ branch and providing financing options for those purchasing or refinancing properties in the greater Phoenix area.

George Arellano

George Arellano
NMLS ID #: 680488
Phone: 800-444-6327 ext. 8234
Mobile: 714-394-9842
Email: [email protected]
Serving Monterey Park Branch

George has over 19 years of experience in the banking and Finance Industry, 10 of those with NuVision. I specialize in Residential Lending that includes purchase and refinancing of single family residences. He is proud of his honesty and dedication to always satisfying my members and new clients’ needs and financial goals in real estate.

Gregory Jones

Greg Jones
NMLS ID #: 210640
: 800-444-6327 EXT: 8382
Mobile: 714-316-4426
Fax: 714-375-8162
Email: [email protected]
Serving Laguna Hills Branch

Gregory Jones has worked in the mortgage and credit industry for over 20 years.  He prides himself on building a relationship with his borrowers as they work together to find the best possible plan to their current situation. “I walk side by side with you through the process from initial application to signing loan docs and closing your loan.  That is my commitment to my customers and my profession”.

Gregory continues to stay in this business because he enjoys helping people to acquire the American Dream and being able to assist them with their financial needs.  “There is nothing more satisfying then a satisfied customer at the end of the transaction”.

Keiji Takamori

Keiji Takamori
: 964141
Phone: 800-444-6327 Ext:6988
Fax: 714-375-8625
Mobile: 323-793-0545
Email: [email protected]
Serving Bolsa Branch

Keiji has been involved in the mortgage industry since 2002. He has worked in every aspect of the loan process. This knowledge allows him an in-depth look into the intricacies and individuality of each loan he reviews. From first-time home buyers, investors, or those interested in refinancing, Keiji treats each transaction as if it were his own. He is dedicated to customer service and keeps his clients’ best interest as his priority. Keiji is fluent in English and Japanese.

Gabriela Rodriguez Picture

Gabriela Rodriguez
NMLS ID #: 674143
Fax: 714.375.8528
Email: [email protected]
Serving Edinger Branch

Gabriela has been in the banking industry for 20 years and focused in Real Estate for over 15 years. Her favorite part of being in the Real Estate industry is being part of making a dream come true. She believes that treating Members like family is both a guiding principle and a way of life. She understands that buying and selling real estate can be stressful. As a full time Mortgage Loan Officer, she works hard to lower stress and make the experience as pleasurable as possible. She accomplishes this through constant communication, and by being accessible whenever needed.

Michael Fahim Photo

Michael Fahim
NMLS ID #: 304222
Mobile: 714.916.4243
Fax: 714.861.6079
Email: [email protected]
Serving Lakewood Branch

Michael has been in the Real Estate industry since 1992. His favorite part of being in the Real Estate industry is guiding members through the transaction and being a trusted advisor for the most important transaction of their life. “My favorite part of a purchase is when our member gets the keys to their first home or when a member saves enough money and can help their family with the added savings.”

James Ball Photo

James Ball
NMLS ID #: 871544
Fax: 714.375.8659
Email: [email protected]
Serving Lakewood Branch

James has been in the Real Estate industry since 2005. He really enjoys working with new home owners who have a goal to live the Americans dream and own their own home. He also like helping people refinance their home to help them achieve their financial goals. “I am different from other real estate professionals because I am always available to my clients, realtors, family and friends. I enjoy serving people and giving the best attention I possibly can,” says James. “When I’m helping a member with a purchase transaction, I love seeing the big smile on their face when I tell them “Welcome home! I always strive to under promise and over deliver”.

Salomon Quijada Bio

Salomon Quijada
NMLS ID #: 260702
Fax: 714.861.6021
Email: [email protected]
Serving Monterey Park Branch

Salomon comes to Nuvision Credit Union with over 22 years experience in the real estate industry. Honesty and integrity, along with determination and dedication, are philosophies that Salomon strives for in all aspects of his life. Applying these principles to his job, has allowed him to be to better guide his client thru the process and enables him to focus on ensuring they get best experience and results possible.


Ted Brackez
NMLS ID #: 1420590
Email: [email protected]
Serving Bolsa Branch

Ted has been working in the mortgage industry since 2015 and is passionate about the clientele he serves. "My favorite part about being in the real estate industry is being able to help people afford, get into their perfect home, and create a better life for themselves." Ted also strives to lend a helping hand for first-time home buyers throughout the entire loan application process and takes pride in assisting the same borrowers (as well as their friends and family) with their goals for the future.


Andrew Ram
NMLS ID #: 1605821
Email: [email protected]
Serving Fountain Valley and 17th Street 

Andrew has been working in the real estate industry since February of 2017 while working as a Loan Consultant. "My favorite part of being in the industry is helping our clients achieve their goals, whether it’s a refinance or getting them into that new home. There is nothing more fulfilling in this industry than calling them to congratulate them on the conclusion of this process and funding of their loan." Additionally, Andrew also strives to give 110% to make sure that the customer experience is exceptional and that the clientele is always updated on how the process is going.

India Kinchelow

India Kinchelow
NMLS ID #1420599
Phone: 714.916.7961
Fax: 714.861.6319
Email:  [email protected]

India has been working in the real estate industry for 20 years and enjoys thinking outside the box to get tasks accomplished. “My favorite aspect of the industry is the closing because all of the hard work has paid off and the homeowner has reached their goal. My tenacity to see things through the end is what motivates me to go the extra mile for my clients.”

Freddie Yeawary Headshot

Freddie Yeawary
NMLS ID #440889
Phone: 562.370.4006
Fax: 714.375.83139
Email:  [email protected]
Serving Costa Mesa Branch

Freddie has been working in the real estate industry for 12 years and has 17 years' experience working within the credit union business. He ensures that every member's entire financial condition is thoroughly analyzed in order to make the proper recommendation when it comes to each member's needs and concerns. "Buying a home or refinancing can be a huge undertaking because its is one of the biggest investments of a members life, but I take a hands on approach in helping member step by step through the transaction with the help of my Team. We love the joy in our members eyes as the become new home owners!"