Welcome to Nuvision Credit Union.
Helping our members build better lives for over 80 years.

Born nearly a century ago as the credit union of Douglas Aircraft, our values were forged in the factories and plants that made the region prosper. At its core is a commitment to strength, independence and discipline. A belief that if you work hard enough, a better life is always possible. Not just for yourself, but future generations to come.

From a new car to first home, college savings to a secure retirement, Nuvision helped to make hundreds of thousands of dreams possible, and transformed Southern California as a result. It became a beacon that attracted workers from other sectors, including oil, gas, construction, military, aerospace and municipalities. All were welcomed and served with pride at Nuvision branches across the region.

Today, as we celebrate a modern Nuvision Credit Union open to everyone, it is worth remembering how we arrived here. While our values remain constant, the portfolio of products and services we offer continues to evolve at market speed. Our goal is always to assist our members at every stage, with personal service and trust at the forefront.

Here’s to the next 80 years of helping our members build a better life. Thank you for being part of the Nuvision family.