5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Love Learning

Getting kids excited to go back to school can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Whether you have specific goals this semester or are looking to the future, the best thing you can do is foster your child’s love of learning. Schoolwork doesn’t feel like a chore when they understand why it’s important. Here are some ways to cultivate a passion for learning in your child:

Helping kids get the school supplies they need: organizations making a difference

With the rising cost of school supplies, more and more families are struggling to provide. It’s hard for a child to succeed when they’re not set up for success, which is why we wanted to share some taking steps to ensure everybody has the supplies they need.

Celebrate Teachers! Discounts for educators to start the new school year

Ninety-four percent of teachers pay for classroom expenses out of their own pockets, with the average spending $480 a year. Teachers do so much for our students—so as we begin this school year, let’s take some time to thank them. There are numerous discounts and events held around the area in celebration of teachers this month. Here are a few of the best:

Academic resources for military families with kids

We are dedicated to helping our service members and their families. As the beginning of the school year grows closer, we wanted to share a few organizations and resources for military families and their kids.