Avoiding the summer slump: Tips on staying productive

Don’t let the free time that comes with summer go to waste. It can become a valuable asset if used the right way. Here are our top suggestions for ways to be productive and bust boredom this summer...

Get out and get active: Summer sporting events in Southern California

California is a great place to find fun, fitness centered activities in the summer. Whether you're interested in watching a soccer game from the stands or getting in the on the action and participating in a 5K, you'll find something here:

The Nuvision Freedom Ride: Riding to Recognize those who Defend Freedom

For those who protect the country, Independence Day is a celebration of why they serve; a day to look around and acknowledge what we have, recognize what freedom means, and celebrate what it means to be an American. While these heroes don’t ask for recognition on this day, we wanted to do something that celebrates their tremendous sacrifices, and honors those who have fought so hard to ensure the freedoms that so many of us take for granted.

Summertime freebies: where to get free ice cream, meals, and more

Nothing beats getting things for free. July is a great time for freebies, with many companies offering food and other items at no cost. Here is our list of the top freebies and discounts offered this month...


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