A Season for Giving: A Look at What Nuvision is Doing for the Community

If we’ve learned anything in this year of unexpected change, it’s been the importance of giving back to the community. During this coming holiday season, Nuvision wants to continue serving you. We’re looking forward to hosting several unique outreaches designed to help our members, our community, and the hard-working people who keep us going every day.

Nuvision Heroes: Leading By Example

For every project, somebody needs to be the first to step up and show their support. Michael Matubang is that person. In the three years he’s been with us, his cheerful disposition, welcoming personality, and willingness to volunteer have made Nuvision brighter.

How Money Works Webinar: The Ultimate Guide for Financial Success and Managing your Money

Given the difficult economic climate COVID-19 has created, it’s more important than ever to know how to manage your money well. That’s why we’ve invited financial expert Lester Barron to speak at our newest webinar series, How Money Works: The Ultimate Guide for Financial Success and Managing your Money.

Though the housing market is hot, sellers must maintain fair pricing.

In today’s hot market, sellers frequently receive multiple offers close to their asking price, and sometimes, offers above it. But even with these advantages, 33% of homes sit on the market for months. To ensure a quick sale, sellers must price their home at Fair Market Value.


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