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What Are Phishing Scams and the Steps You can Take to Protect Yourself

“Phishing” is a common type of cyber-attack that targets individuals through email, text messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication. A phishing attack aims to trick the recipient into falling for the attacker’s desired action, such as revealing financial information, system login credentials, an immediate payment or other sensitive information.

Beware of scammers’ latest tactic for accessing personal information

If you receive a call from a person claiming to be a Nuvision representative and asks you to “update information” on your account, please know that it could be a scam.

FRAUD ALERT: Financial Relief Scam Targeting Organizations

The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact organizations across the globe. This hardship gives cybercriminals the perfect bait: a promise of financial relief.
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Protecting Our Members From COVID-19 Fraudsters

Unfortunately, during times of crisis fraudsters often use the emergency to prey on people’s fears. The COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis has brought forth a number of fraudsters who are attempting to leverage the public’s fears as opportunities to scam financial institutions and consumers.