Looking at Facebook Message

Fraud Alert: How to Avoid the latest social media fake video phishing scam

There’s a new phishing scam making its way through social media that you need to be aware of. If somebody sends you a link asking, 'Is this you in the video?', don’t click on it. Even if the message comes from someone you know, there is a possibility that the innocent looking link is actually malicious.

Phishing: Growing and Getting More Sophisticated

Hackers impersonate popular brands or send personalized blackmail attacks.

BREAKING NEWS: Massive Data Breach Exposed 2.7 Billion Email and Password Combinations

Cybersecurity expert and creator of the data breach notification service Have I Been Pwned, Troy Hunt, recently discovered a collection of 773 million emails and more than 21 million passwords exposed on a cloud storage service.

Another Google+ Data Breach Exposed Personal Information of 52 Million Users

With the planned shutdown of Google+, you may want to delete your account now.