What Is a Home Equity Loan, And How Can You Use It

Your home is more than the place you rest your head at night, eat meals, and invite guests. It’s an investment—and an asset. Unlike other purchases, the money you pay towards your mortgage doesn't disappear. From the time you put down your first payment, that cash is put to work building equity in your home. Like depositing money in a savings account, paying money towards your mortgage is building your financial future.

Orange County Housing Webinar Recap: An exclusive forecast of the OC housing market

The housing market has been anything but predictable; while economic conditions over the last year have impacted almost every industry and financial sector, the housing market has been unbelievably resilient. Many are wondering—where does it go from here? Check out a recap from our latest webinar on what these unprecedented economic conditions mean for the local real estate market.

Orange County Housing Report: Driven by low mortgage rates, a surge of buyers compete amidst record-low inventory

With no lack of interest, new homes hitting the market are selling at record speeds. Like in an auction, many interested buyers drive the price up to a point none of them had initially been willing to pay for the item. Many times, even a full-price offer isn’t enough, and the home goes to the buyer with a counteroffer above the asking price.

Fueled by record-low mortgage rates, the 2021 housing market is off to a strong start with low supply and impressive demand.

The 2021 market started strong in January and has been hot since day one. With record-low supply and skyrocketing demand, homes are selling fast, and values are increasing.