Orange County Housing Report: 81% of consumers think it’s a bad time to buy a home. Economists disagree.

YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and other social platforms have been flooded with confident proclamations of the coming housing crash, stoking fear among potential buyers and contributing to the overwhelming majority of consumers who have reservations about purchasing. But these claims aren’t based in the clear economic reality.

The summer market is here, and so is a shift away from the spring’s frantic pace.

The summer housing market is officially here. With longer summer days come longer Expected Market Times, meaning a shift away from the breakneck pace of the spring market.

Orange County Housing Report: Should we fear a Great Recession 2.0? Some say yes, but the data says no.

Home values rising with no end in sight, buyers so anxious to snag property that they’ll pay tens of thousands of dollars above asking price, the looming threat of rising inflation--are we in for another housing crash? Realities like these have many asking the question or even forecasting catastrophe, but the data just doesn’t bear out the conclusion.

Inventory is finally on the rise but demand is slowing due to buyer fatigue.

For months, active inventory has been dropping to record lows, exacerbating buyers as demand rose and competition made houses difficult to find. But over the past two weeks, things have started to shift. Inventory rose for the first time since October of 2020, increasing from 2,240 to 2,384 homes. Over this same period, demand dropped 3%, signaling that buyers may be becoming weary of such a fast-paced Hot Seller’s market.

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