Fueled by record-low mortgage rates, the 2021 housing market is off to a strong start with low supply and impressive demand.

The 2021 market started strong in January and has been hot since day one. With record-low supply and skyrocketing demand, homes are selling fast, and values are increasing.

Orange County Housing Report: Looking back on 2020, looking forward to 2021

As we ring in the new year, prospective buyers and sellers looking to take the next step will naturally wonder what January holds for the housing market. Understanding where the market is headed for the new year requires both knowledge of key trends during 2020 and foresight on possible economic developments in other sectors as we head into 2021.

Orange County Housing Report: High demand will make this year’s holiday housing market unlike others in recent years

Everything becomes slower during the holiday season. It’s a time marked by nights spent watching holiday movies, early sunsets, and time off work. Usually, the housing market follows suit in slowing down, but this year it is disrupting the trend with record-high demand and reduced inventory. Our current market is hotter than the spring markets from 2014-2019, which is a huge indicator that we’re in for a fast-paced market extending into the new year.

Housing Report: Demand and inventory will drop with the holidays, but the market will remain hot.

A new season is drawing near. Halloween is already behind us and the rest of the end-of-year holidays are quickly approaching. This means the beginning of the new season for the housing market—the holiday market. Read more to find out what Steven Thomas says this means for home buyers and sellers.