Factors That Affect Your Mortgage Rate

Everybody wants a low rate on their mortgage, but not many understand all the things that go into determining your rate. For many home buyers, these factors can be confusing and difficult to determine. Knowing what affects your rate can help you secure a better deal.

Orange County Housing Report: Last call to get in on the game before inventory and demand drop during the Holiday Market

In four weeks, we’ll be gathering around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones we haven’t seen all year, putting up decorations, and stopping by friends’ houses for holiday parties. Seven weeks will also mark the start of the slowest season in the housing market: The Holiday Market, a time when inventory and demand decrease.

Orange County Housing Report: Leaves are falling as the Autumn market arrives, and so is demand

As leaves begin to fall, housing inventory and demand do too. With kids starting school and families gearing up for the holidays, moving becomes more disruptive. Despite the coming drops in demand, this year’s market won’t be cooling down.

Orange County Housing Report: Should we fear a foreclosure wave?

One of the biggest fears sweeping the housing market is that national forbearance programs will lead to mass foreclosures, swiftly launching the Hot Seller’s Market into chaos. While it is true that over the past year many homeowners have taken advantage of forbearance, which allows them to pause mortgage payments, there is no reason to believe this will result in drastic market changes.

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