Over 400 members joined us for live music and the best local food at our Member Celebration Event

Hundreds of Nuvision members spent a Thursday evening outdoors under the late August sky, enjoying stunning lakeside views and a cool summer breeze. At our August 19th Member Celebration Event, we wanted to show the community how much we care. This meant bringing the best of everything—the best local catering, the best local band, and the best venue to represent our values, the Anchorage Aviation Museum. Hardworking Nuvision members have changed the world, and we’re certain each member who attended will too.

We’ve broken ground on a new branch in Wasilla!

As our membership base in Alaska has increased and expanded to new regions, we’ve been thrilled to watch the Nuvision family grow. We’ve also noticed the need for additional branch locations. Today, we are happy to announce that a new beautiful new branch is coming to Wasilla!

Nuvision Heroes: The Former Miss Alaska USA who uses her voice to unite the community and raise awareness for diverse Alaskan cultures

Entrepreneur, on-camera host, motivational speaker, and business owner, Alyssa London uses her story to bring people together and help others understand the beauty of different cultures, in Alaska and beyond. That’s why she’s this month’s choice for our Nuvision Hero spotlight.

Orange County Housing Report: Should we fear a foreclosure wave?

One of the biggest fears sweeping the housing market is that national forbearance programs will lead to mass foreclosures, swiftly launching the Hot Seller’s Market into chaos. While it is true that over the past year many homeowners have taken advantage of forbearance, which allows them to pause mortgage payments, there is no reason to believe this will result in drastic market changes.

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