Nuvision’s mission to help kids get an education and financial freedom

A good education is the first step towards that financial freedom. Nuvision is committed to making sure every kid not only gets an education, but also gets a sound financial education.

Things to do Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is the time to celebrate your hard work and enjoy one last bit of summer before the fall season is in full swing. From concerts to car shows and time at the beach, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to fill the long weekend with these events:

Unique local learning opportunities for students to get ahead this next school year

At Nuvision, we always want to help students succeed and go on to lead successful lives. Southern California has a lot to offer its students, so we wanted to share some of that might be able to help our members or their children. From college readiness programs to after-school extracurriculars, here some things students can get involved in this semester:

5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Love Learning

Getting kids excited to go back to school can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Whether you have specific goals this semester or are looking to the future, the best thing you can do is foster your child’s love of learning. Schoolwork doesn’t feel like a chore when they understand why it’s important. Here are some ways to cultivate a passion for learning in your child: