The Added Advantage Summer Giveaway is just around the corner!

Summer may look a little different from year to year, but one thing never will change--the Added Advantage Summer Giveaway! When life feels stressful, it’s something you can always depend on looking forward to. This season, we’re giving away a total of $5,500 to help members like you make it a summer to remember!

Beware of scammers’ latest tactic for accessing personal information

If you receive a call from a person claiming to be a Nuvision representative and asks you to “update information” on your account, please know that it could be a scam.

Inventory is finally on the rise but demand is slowing due to buyer fatigue.

For months, active inventory has been dropping to record lows, exacerbating buyers as demand rose and competition made houses difficult to find. But over the past two weeks, things have started to shift. Inventory rose for the first time since October of 2020, increasing from 2,240 to 2,384 homes. Over this same period, demand dropped 3%, signaling that buyers may be becoming weary of such a fast-paced Hot Seller’s market.

Nuvision Heroes: A team member with a drive to help others accomplish their dreams

For Tess, community service starts with individuals. Along with the care she shows members, a defining characteristic of her work is her desire to see others accomplish their dreams, especially the underprivileged. She uses her passion to make a direct, positive impact on their lives. “It’s a humbling experience to help a member in need of financial assistance and when you help them and assist in accomplishing their dreams, it’s so rewarding,” she said.

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