Housing Market Update

Housing Market Update: The Longer Homeowners Wait, The Harder it Could Be to Sell!

With inflation at record highs, reports of the local housing market starting to cool, and supply chains still having trouble keeping up, economic experts are starting to sound the alarm bells. But where does that leave you, and what does it mean for the value of your home?
California Housing Market

No housing Crash coming, according to Real Estate Expert Steven Thomas; other Experts are not so sure.

Rising inflation, stock market losses, and a housing market that seems to keep going up have homeowners and investors questioning whether the bubble is about to burst.

Congratulations to our Added Advantage Summer Giveaway Winners!

On Thursday, we wrapped up our annual Added Advantage Summer Giveaway. From paying off bills to going on surprise vacations and renovating their homes, this year's winners used the money they won to make their summer a little more special.
July 4th

Happy Independence Day: Celebrating those who fought for our Freedom!

On Monday, we will celebrate America's birthday, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. But Independence Day is much more than just another holiday...
Gunnery Sergeant Joe Ingram

Nuvision Heroes: A Man who exemplifies service and mentorship.

This month’s Nuvision Hero is a man who exemplifies service and mentorship. He is someone who is always there to help, especially if it means helping the next generation succeed.
Gas Giveaway Event

Serving those who Serve: A look back at Military Appreciation month

As we wrap up Military Appreciation month with our annual Memorial Day events, we want to take time to look back at the month and once again thank our brave men and women in uniform for the sacrifices they make for our freedoms.
Essay Challenge

We've awarded Six $5,000 Scholarships in this year's Nuvision Essay Challenge

We just wrapped up our annual Essay Challenge scholarship program, where for the first time, we opened it up to high school seniors in California, Alaska, Arizona, Washington, and Wyoming. Six outstanding high school students were awarded $5,000 scholarships.
Lieutenant Colonel Graham

Nuvision Heroes: Mentoring and inspiring the next generation.

This month Nuvision Hero Lieutenant Colonel Graham exemplifies service to his community and is a man who has inspired and mentored countless kids and young adults throughout his remarkable career.