How Money Works Webinar: The Ultimate Guide for Financial Success and Managing your Money

Given the difficult economic climate COVID-19 has created, it’s more important than ever to know how to manage your money well. That’s why we’ve invited financial expert Lester Barron to speak at our newest webinar series, How Money Works: The Ultimate Guide for Financial Success and Managing your Money.

Though the housing market is hot, sellers must maintain fair pricing.

In today’s hot market, sellers frequently receive multiple offers close to their asking price, and sometimes, offers above it. But even with these advantages, 33% of homes sit on the market for months. To ensure a quick sale, sellers must price their home at Fair Market Value.

Remembering 9/11 and Honoring our First Responders

Difficult times have a way of revealing the heroes among us. It’s hard to forget what took place on this day nearly twenty years ago and the national struggle that followed those horrible attacks on American lives. Yet, amid the chaos and confusion, our first responders sprang into action, running into crumbling buildings to rescue citizens trapped inside, administering vital care to those with injuries, and evacuating others to safety. Their swift response became a light to a nation lost in darkness.

Nuvision Hero Jeff Barnes: A hard-working police officer with a heart for his community

Officer in the St. Louis police force for over two decades, US military contractor who aided in interrogating suspected terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and current Sherriff’s Deputy for Laramie County, Jeff Barnes is a man who never wastes an opportunity to serve. Jeff’s tireless dedication to others is one of the many reasons we’re honored to share his story.

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