Top Tips to Buy a New Car on Presidents Day

When it comes to buying a car, timing the purchase right can significantly increase your chances of getting a good deal. Customers have more leverage in negotiations during seasons when dealerships are under a lot of pressure to meet the monthly sales quotas; Presidents Day weekend is one of these times.

OC Housing Market Update: How long will the bidding war last?

When a home hits the market, it’s now common for it to quickly receive dozens of purchase offers. This is because demand is outpacing supply. Low mortgage rates are no longer the primary driver of demand. Now, it’s an inventory shortage that is causing a bigger war amongst home buyers – will it last?

New year, new scam: How to avoid falling victim to fraud

Every year, scammers come up with new ways to trick people into giving away personal data. Because keeping your money secure is one of our top priorities, we want to make sure you know the signs and how to protect yourself from fraud attempts. Protect yourself from the latest fraud scam with these tips...

What you need to know before you get a mortgage

Thinking of buying a house? Rather than rushing into the process, learn the steps you need to take before getting a mortgage. Having things in order beforehand will give you a better chance of getting your loan approved and will make the home-buying process less of a headache later on.

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