Honoring a Hero: Laura Dean's Commitment to Service and Community

As we observe Memorial Day, a time to honor and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, Nuvision is proud to feature Laura Dean, a distinguished veteran whose commitment to service continues to resonate within the community of Anchorage, Alaska. Laura, a former Air Force officer, exemplifies the enduring spirit of a hero, tirelessly dedicating herself to the well-being of fellow veterans and civilians alike. Through her continued efforts in both military and civilian roles, she bridges communities and fosters a legacy of service and dedication that honors the memory of the fallen.
Housing Market Update

May 2024 U.S. Housing Market Report: Emerging Sellers, Price Adjustments, and Inventory Fluctuations

As we move into summer, the housing market is experiencing notable changes. Real estate expert Steven Thomas highlights a significant increase in sellers, a shift not seen in previous years. This trend is similar to the recovery seen in new car inventories after the pandemic. Factors driving this include growing families needing more space, empty nesters downsizing, and people relocating closer to family. Homeowners who delayed selling due to low mortgage rates and unfavorable conditions are now listing their properties.
Fraud Alerts

What Are Phishing Scams and the Steps You can Take to Protect Yourself

“Phishing” is a common type of cyber-attack that targets individuals through email, text messages, phone calls, and other forms of communication. A phishing attack aims to trick the recipient into falling for the attacker’s desired action, such as revealing financial information, system login credentials, an immediate payment or other sensitive information.

Nuvision Credit Union: Expanding and Enhancing Service to Our Members and Communities

At Nuvision Credit Union, our commitment to building better lives for our members and strengthening our communities is reflected in every step we take. We are excited to share recent developments that highlight our dedication to this mission, including welcoming new members through strategic mergers, breaking ground on a new branch in Mesa, Arizona, and celebrating the opening of a new facility in Fairbanks, Alaska.