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October is Financial Planning Month: Top 11 Money Tips from the Nuvision Blog

A recent National Financial Educators Council study found that the average American lost $1,389.06 in 2021 due to a lack of personal finance knowledge. At Nuvision, we want to help you manage your money as effectively as possible. We’re kicking off October’s financial planning month with a round-up of the top 11 financial success articles from our blog.
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Nuvision Heroes: A nonprofit CEO who won’t rest until no Alaskan child goes hungry

Bean’s Café CEO Lisa Sauder is on a mission to make sure no Alaskan needs to wonder where their next meal is coming from. Service has always been a keystone in Lisa’s life, from the time she was a child watching her mom volunteer to the years she spent in her previous role as the American Heart Association Alaska’s Executive Director. Now, she pours her time into ensuring Bean’s Café can meet the community’s growing needs. That’s why we choose her as this month’s Nuvision Hero.
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NuvisionCares: Helping People Build Better Lives

On Monday, we came together for our Annual Meeting of the members, where our CEO Roger Ballard shared a performance update and talked about our NuvisionCares initiatives. We started NuvisionCares as a way to live out our purpose of helping people build better lives – part of that mission includes helping those in our community who are sometimes overlooked and forgotten.
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Digital Banking Update: Zelle, Card Swap, and Deposit Switch are Here!

Over the last couple of months, we have introduced several important online and mobile banking updates to make your digital banking experience faster and easier. Learn how Deposit Switch, Card Swap, our updated Card App, and Zelle can all make your life easier and make your banking expereince even better!