Douglas Aircraft

Nuvision and Douglas Aircraft: Celebrating a decades-old legacy of groundbreaking innovations, success, and hard-working people

Nothing is impossible until you believe it is. Nuvision was founded on this belief. From the start, we’ve supported our member's relentless passion to break barriers and challenge convention. Today, we celebrate some of our original Douglas Aircraft members who helped change the world.
Apollo 11

Anniversary of Apollo 11: The Hard-working Nuvision Members Who Made it Possible

In honor of the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we want to remember the Nuvision Members who worked behind the scenes to bring us this incredible accomplishment.
Housing Market Update

Housing Market Update: The Longer Homeowners Wait, The Harder it Could Be to Sell!

With inflation at record highs, reports of the local housing market starting to cool, and supply chains still having trouble keeping up, economic experts are starting to sound the alarm bells. But where does that leave you, and what does it mean for the value of your home?
California Housing Market

No housing Crash coming, according to Real Estate Expert Steven Thomas; other Experts are not so sure.

Rising inflation, stock market losses, and a housing market that seems to keep going up have homeowners and investors questioning whether the bubble is about to burst.