Nuvision honors 200 local veterans at Veterans Day Gas Card Giveaway, including 100-Year old WW2 Vet

Among the 200 veterans who received free breakfast and gas cards, we saw people who have witnessed the tragedies of war with their own eyes, who walked the beaches of Normandy after D-Day, and who fought in battles we’ve only read of in history books. They put their lives on the line for their nation, going through pain and hardship to secure liberty for generations of Americans. For everyone at Nuvision, it was an honor to host this event in celebration of their sacrifices.

Nuvision Hero William J. Kull: A 100-year-old WW2 Veteran and Former Firefighter Who Has Done the Impossible

William J. Kull recently celebrated his 100th birthday. Surrounded by friends, family, and fellow veterans from the Huntington Beach American Legion Post 13, he was presented with commendations from the congressmen and mayor. As a WW2 Veteran and former firefighter, Bill’s long, storied life has been marked by heroism, historic moments, and incredible perseverance.

Nuvision Hero Matt Voris: A veteran whose mission is to honor other service members

For veteran Matt Voris, service is second nature. His passion for helping veterans burns deep in his bones. As president and founder of the High Plains Honor Flight, he shows this care for his fellow veterans by providing flights to those wishing to visit war memorials in D.C.

Nuvision Hero David Hayward: A WW2 Air Force Veteran Who Continues to Fight for Freedom

As a WWII U.S. Army Air Force veteran, David has sacrificed much in the service of his country. Today, he works with The Freedom Committee of Orange County to teach the coming generations about the value of liberty. From writing books and newsletters to speaking at schools, he’s dedicated to teaching the next generation to love the hard-won liberty fought for by men like him.


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