Nuvision Heroes October First Responder: Katelyn Sanders

Katelyn Sanders: The Compassionate Firefighter with a Heart for Community

Katelyn Sanders is an Alaska-based firefighter EMT who embodies the grit, dedication, and altruism that characterize first responders. Having spent only 2 1/2 years in Alaska and in her role as a firefighter, Katelyn brings an eclectic background to her work, including a degree in early childhood education and experience in child and family services.
Nuvision Heroes October First Responder: Kristine Whitford

Kristine Whitford—A Heart for Service and Community in Alaska

Originally born in England to an Air Force family, Kristine Whitford moved around a bit before settling in Alaska. Although she briefly lived in California, Alaska became home. Working as a dispatcher for the Anchorage Fire Department for the last ten years, her journey into this career path was a familial affair—encouraged by her sister, who is also a dispatcher. Before joining the fire department, she worked in retail management but was driven by the desire for a more meaningful career that would allow her more time with her daughter.
Nuvision Heroes: 2023 National First Responders Day

Celebrating Heroes Among Us: National First Responders Day

If asked to define the word ‘hero,’ many automatically think of superhero movies or tales of ancient legends. But real-world heroes walk among us, people who go far beyond their call of duty to help make our communities better places to live. Unfortunately, these people rarely show up in Hollywood movies, but their work makes an impact far beyond anything you see on the big screen. That’s why we started the Nuvision Heroes program. To highlight the work of people we consider heroes and give them the recognition they deserve.

Beyond High School Resource Fair at University of Alaska Anchorage

High school students in Anchorage had the opportunity to learn how to prepare for life beyond high school. They learned relevant and engaging information about careers, colleges, and how to navigate their own personal financial journeys while entering adult life.