Nuvision Heroes: A Vietnam Navy veteran who continues his family’s legacy of service to his country

Vietnam veteran Frank Passarelli grew up with five Navy veterans in the family, his uncles, who had all served during World War II. During his own time in the Navy, he worked as a radioman on an assault troop carrier, facing constant danger and once surviving a deadly attack. Today, he continues to serve his fellow veterans and help civilians remember the cost of freedom through his role as Second Vice Commander at American Legion Huntington Beach Post 133.

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October 20th is the 75th annual International Credit Union Day–and we can’t wait to hear what our members have to say! In fact, your experience could be worth an extra $100!

National Preparedness Month: Places to Learn Essential Emergency Skills

On average, it takes first responders five to ten minutes to arrive on the scene. A lot can happen in that time. Knowing basic first aid skills can save someone's life. That’s why we wanted to share some organizations helping teach these skills:
Vehicle Emergency

National Preparedness Month: How to make sure your vehicle is ready for any emergency

It's National Preparedness Month, and we want our members to be prepared. From wildfires and bad weather to earthquakes and other emergencies that can happen in Southern California, you need to be ready to respond when disaster strikes.