What does freedom mean to you?

As we reflect on the meaning of freedom, we want to hear your story! Whether it's about yours or a family member’s time in the military, your family’s story of coming to America, or something unique, what does freedom mean to you?

Helping our Communities and Members Move Forward

Since day one, our top priority has been to help build the lives of hard-working people. While many things have changed during these times, our mission hasn’t. The COVID-19 crisis gave us a chance to put our defining values into action. Over the past few months, we’ve gone into overdrive preparing ways to help the community get through these trying times.

5 Special Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day While at Home

While some of our normal Memorial Day festivities will look a lot different this year, we encourage you to take this weekend to look back and reflect on what the day means and use it as a time to celebrate those who have given it all.

Helping Healthcare Heroes and Small Business Owners through the COVID-19 Crisis

Over the last two weeks, the NuvisionCares initiative was able to provide over 4,000 free meals to doctors, nurses, emergency staff, and other healthcare workers fighting the COVID-19 crisis. But something we were really proud of is at the same time we were able to help 12 small restaurants bring back workers and provide paychecks for people when they needed them the most. These small business owners and their hard-working employees are truly the backbone of our country.

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