BBQs, live music, and celebrations! See what’s coming up in Alaska and Wyoming

With summer in full swing, the exciting events on our calendar are rapidly approaching. From BBQs to the Freedom Ride, we can’t wait to spend some time connecting with the community, honoring local heroes, and celebrating our outstanding members.

A Celebration 15-months in the Making: 500 people join Nuvision for our Most Memorable & Meaningful Member Event!

After a year of uncertainty and unprecedented shutdowns, we were finally able to bring our members a bit of relief and a return to some of the things they have missed. Last Thursday, we celebrated our hardworking members for their dedication and service over the past year. Over 500 people came out to celebrate the return of live music and in-person events as Nuvision threw one of the largest and most entertaining member celebrations in our history.

Nuvision honors fallen military heroes over Memorial Day Weekend

Freedom comes at a cost. The cost of friends, fathers, husbands, neighbors, nephews, nieces, brothers, and sisters--brave soldiers who laid down their lives to secure liberty for their loved ones and generations of Americans to come. Heroes. Last weekend, we remembered their sacrifices by hosting Memorial Day events in each of our markets. While it is impossible to repay them, we hoped to honor them by serving the military members who continue their mission today.

Orange County Housing Report: Should we fear a Great Recession 2.0? Some say yes, but the data says no.

Home values rising with no end in sight, buyers so anxious to snag property that they’ll pay tens of thousands of dollars above asking price, the looming threat of rising inflation--are we in for another housing crash? Realities like these have many asking the question or even forecasting catastrophe, but the data just doesn’t bear out the conclusion.


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