Looking back on February and ahead towards March: What Nuvision is doing in the community

Feb 28, 2022, 09:09 AM by Author Unknown


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This month has been full of celebrations and planning for future events with our community partners. We are so grateful for every opportunity to support those making a difference, from law enforcement officers to the grocery workers who meet our basic needs. Here are our community outreach highlights from February, along with a preview of what will be coming up in March.

Awarding $250 each to five outstanding workers who support our Alaska grocery store partners.

Recognizing community heroes is important to Nuvision—especially when those heroes are unacknowledged. In honor of the 2nd annual Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day on February 22nd, we celebrated five local grocery store employees, nominated by the teams at our Nuvision Alaska branches located in Carrs stores, by awarding them each with $250.

Each employee was also featured on the Nuvision blog and will be acknowledged in an upcoming Carrs Safeway employee newsletter. Congratulations to Fe Guting, Sam Tes, Ally Frederick, Christian Ungrodt, and Christina Bright for being selected. You deserve it!

To learn about these incredible individuals, visit our blog post here.

Bowling to raise money for Jason’s Friends, a 10-year Nuvision partner and supporter of Wyoming families.

Our Casper branch team will be participating in the 24th Annual Bowl for Jason’s Friends event, which raises money for families in the Wyoming community whose children are battling cancers, brain tumors, and spinal cord tumors. 

Nuvision has been a partner of Jason’s Friends for ten years. It is an incredible organization that has given nearly $6,000,000 to local families over the past twenty-five years. We are so grateful to continue our partnership.

On March 5th, five Casper branch team members will join thousands of other bowlers to participate in Jason’s Friends biggest and most important fundraising event of the year. Nuvision is sponsoring a lane and each team member will bring an envelope with donations they personally collected. 

For generous members who want to support our efforts, we’ve also set up a GoFundMe page. Our goal is to help Jason's Friends raise as much money as possible. There are currently 136 families who need assistance and are relying on the organization. We appreciate every contribution, even if you can only donate $10. Click here to make your donation. 

Welcoming 300 police officers for a California Law Enforcement Appreciation lunch.

On Thursday, March 22nd, we’ll be serving a buffet-style lunch for 300 law enforcement members, with six Nuvision team members present to serve and greet them. The local Huntington Beach restaurant Northside Café, founded by long-time resident Heather Flanagan, will cater the event. 

Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect citizens every day. The least we can do is take one day to celebrate them. That’s the purpose of our Law Enforcement Appreciation lunch—setting aside time to appreciate our police and everything they do to protect the local community, from keeping us safe to giving back at events like the Law Enforcement Torch Run, which raises awareness and funding for the Special Olympics. 

Each participant will receive a thank you card signed by Nuvision and a $5 coffee card to a local Huntington Beach coffee shop. Additionally, Nuvision will make two donations of $2500 each, one to the Huntington Beach Police and Community Foundation Youth Academy program and the other to the Huntington Beach Fire Outreach Foundation.

New Police Chief Eric Parra also plans to attend, and we can’t wait to congratulate him on earning the position!

Partnering with the Lakewood High Cadets to help the next generation build a successful financial future.

Financial education is severely lacking in our schools. Money management concepts are rarely presented, and when they are, the presentation method doesn’t resonate with teenagers.

Nuvision is committed to filling this gap. Next month on March 16th, we will have the opportunity to share financial skills with 150 Lakewood High Cadets. Students will enjoy music by a live DJ, engaging speakers, snacks, prizes, and the chance to learn the answers to common financial questions, such as:

  • What is a credit score?
  • What is debt?
  • What is interest?
  • How long will a late payment remain on your credit history even if you have paid it off? 

Students can also immediately put their new knowledge into practice by participating in our Essay Challenge Scholarship Contest, a chance for students to write about the financial skills they’ve learned and earn up to $5,000 for their education.

We love partnering with local youth cadet programs that are training students in teamwork, discipline, character, hard work, and service. These young people often come to help at our events, so it’s wonderful to have an opportunity to give back and build up the next generation of leaders.  

Thank you to all the community partners who support our mission and multiply our impact.

Community events like these depend on so many things. Volunteers. A dedicated Nuvision team. Hard work. And, of course, enthusiastic partners.

Thank you to everyone who makes service possible and who commits to serving in your own area. You are helping us build a better community. 


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