Supporting the friends, family, and neighbors who keep our community running strong

Mar 31, 2021, 08:43 AM by Nuvision 

Nuvision Cares

Whether it’s a grocery store worker speedily bagging food items to get you through the checkout line before your 3 PM meeting or a nurse showing extra care when you check into the hospital feeling unwell, we believe that hard work in any role should be honored.

The community is full of a diverse range of people who, in their own unique way, contribute to the good of others. It is important to us that our friends and neighbors know how much we appreciate their everyday efforts. After all, that’s what it means to be part of a community: supporting, serving, and helping each other succeed.

Next month, we are focusing on honoring everyday heroes who make a day-to-day difference in people’s lives through their dedication to their jobs. We are also lifting up other people, like students, whose hard work in studies have shown their potential to do great things in the future.

Changing the Course of Generation’s Future: A Financial Literacy Webinar & Scholarship Program in California

Our upcoming program seeks to teach young adults about money management and give them a shot at one of two $5000 scholarships. Now more than ever, students are having serious doubts about their finances and need training in financial literacy.

Statistics show that only 16% of Americans between 18-26 look to their financial future with optimism. This should come as no surprise. With California schools scoring a D on the most recent Financial Literacy Report Card, young adults entering college and the workforce are remarkably unprepared to make financial decisions.

Seeing the difficulties students face in the area of financial literacy has motivated us to do something about it. Starting next week, we will be offering a series of three webinars to help young members learn to manage money effectively. Webinars cover topics like how to:

  • Commit to saving (and still have a life).
  • Create a livable, balanced budget.
  • Set short-term and long-term goals.
  • Use practical strategies to pay down credit-card debt.
  • Establish good credit.
  • Calculate your financial independence number.

By offering training to students while they are young, we are working to change the narrative and equip them with the tools to build a better future. These tools include knowledge—and cash to get started with. That’s why we’re offering two $5000 scholarships and ten $100 runner-up prizes to students who apply to following the webinar. Attendees who decide to open a Nuvision savings account will also be matched their initial deposit up to $50.

In previous years, we’ve run similar programs providing financial education in schools and encouraging students to write essays for a scholarship. One student, who won a $5,000 scholarship, said, “Nuvision taught me about money management and helped me finalize my decision to pursue a business degree in college. Thank you Nuvision, please continue your program. It has helped me get ready for school and for life.”

Students like him motivate us to continue making a difference in the lives of the next generation. A little support now can change the course of a student’s future, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Serving Those Who Serve Us: Helping Hospitality workers in Cheyenne, WY

From dealing with difficult customers to keeping track of a hectic schedule on a busy night, hospitality workers work hard to ensure the public can relax and enjoy themselves. Current circumstances have added another layer of stress for those in the industry, as many have been affected financially by COVID-related restrictions and closures. 

That’s why we decided to thank them with meal packages. In this outreach, we will be awarding gift vouchers that feed 2-4 people, so they can enjoy a night free from cooking with their families. The concept is similar to what we did last year to provide meals for healthcare workers, except this time we are honoring those in hospitality. Workers will be nominated by their restaurant management based on hard work, dedication, and initiative.

Through April 15th, the 125 workers who receive vouchers will be able to enjoy a meal from Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House. They will take home two racks of ribs, baked beans, and French fries. To sweeten the gift, they will also receive a special dessert treat from another local store, Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Each voucher will be placed inside a hand-written note from Nuvision team members, thanking them for continuing to serve our community in difficult times.

Thanking essential workers: Care Packages for Abbot’s Grocery Employees in Anchorage, AK

Throughout the past year, one group has never stopped working tirelessly to ensure the community has what they need: grocery store employees. To honor them, we will be providing care packages to all 151 employees at Carrs-Safeway’s Abbott Grocery Store, where one of our branches is located. Care packs will include a $50 Visa Gift Card, a handwritten thank you card, and a special sweet treat.

On April 6th, our team members will be standing at a Nuvision tent in front of the store to greet and thank employees as they enter for work. They will personally deliver care packages and share their appreciation on behalf of Nuvision.

Our Commitment to Celebrating All Kinds of Hard Workers

We are so grateful for the opportunities we have to serve our community and the people who keep it going. Being in multiple markets, we are uniquely positioned to see different needs and work to meet them. From students to servers, we want to meet people where they are and help them build their futures.

That is our mission as a credit union: to help you with the life you build. That means helping members confidently make financial decisions, and it also means creating a community that supports people pursuing their dreams, working to provide for their families, and using their skills and time to do something productive for others. 

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