Bridging the Gap: Why Financial Literacy Matters More Than Ever

Sep 28, 2023, 00:42 AM by Author Unknown


It's a paradox of modern education: While our schools excel in teaching subjects like math, science, and history, they often overlook one of the most crucial life skills—financial literacy. According to recent data, only 24% of millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy. With credit card debt soaring and savings rates plummeting, the lack of financial education is not just a gap; it's a gaping hole that can have long-lasting repercussions.

Recognizing this need, Nuvision is at the forefront of driving change. With a focus on the financial prosperity of the communities we serve, we're spearheading initiatives that give the next generation the tools they need to thrive.

Financial Literacy in Los Angeles County

Through our outreach at Lakewood High School in Los Angeles County, we've ignited a spark that we hope will fan the flames of financial literacy reform. Lester Baron, one of our expert financial speakers, introduced the concept of having a "Financial Independence Number," enabling students to set achievable financial goals for themselves. The event wasn't just informational; it was transformational. Students actively engaged with our California branch team volunteers, soaking in knowledge that could very well shape their financial futures. This is part of our Financial Literacy Series, aimed at empowering not just our members but also the next generation to attain financial freedom.

What's Next: Beyond High School Event in Alaska

Don't miss our upcoming Beyond High School Resource Fair, to be held on Saturday, 9/30, at the University of Alaska Anchorage. It will be an exciting day of live Q&A panels, interactive workshops, and a resource fair. You'll also get to hear from former pro football player Junior Amuvae and could win incredible prizes, including a PlayStation 5!

The day-long event covers everything from career choices to budgeting, college planning, and building credit. The event also includes insights from successful local businesses like Snow City Cafe/Spenard Roadhouse and Peppercini's Catering in our resource fair.

Kick-start Your Financial Literacy Journey with Our Giveaway

Our Nuvision team is committed to helping the next generation build their lives by promoting financial literacy to the community youth. We're opening the conversation about Financial Literacy with a giveaway to kick off the back-to-school season. 


GIVEAWAY CONTEST QUESTION: What percentage of teens say they don't know much about personal finance?

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To learn more about Financial Literacy and gain access to resources to help you on your financial journey. Be sure to watch our 'Importance of Financial Literacy' video for clues to the contest question. How to enter in the giveaway:

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Our commitment to financial literacy is not just an initiative; it's a mandate. We understand that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to financial success. Visit us today and take the first step toward financial empowerment.