Celebrating the Winners of the Added Advantage Summer Giveaway!

Jun 29, 2023, 13:16 PM by Nuvision 

Added Advantage

The Added Advantage Summer Giveaway ends today, and we are thrilled to announce and congratulate this year's big winners.


Eugenia A - Edinger (CA):

Eugenia has been a Nuvision member for over 40 years. "I was introduced to Nuvision by my husband, who is an employee of Boeing, and I decided to follow my husband. Little did I know that it would be the best decision of my life; you guys helped us succeed so much." With her $500 prize, she plans to save for an upcoming cruise trip to Alaska in August and invest in a good pair of shoes for hiking.

Patricia F - Southside Financial Center Branch (AK):

Patricia is another lucky $500 winner of the Added Advantage Summer Giveaway.

Joseph H - Lakewood Branch (CA):

Joseph, a retired Boeing employee and Nuvision member for 40 years was happy to have won $500 in the giveaway. He expresses his appreciation for the exceptional service the Lakewood branch provides, which has become his go-to for all his financial needs.

Patricia B - Abbott Carrs Branch (AK):

Patricia won a $1,000 prize in the Added Advantage Summer Giveaway. She plans to save the money for a rainy day or for making home improvement projects. Patricia has been a loyal Nuvision member for 48 years, and she acknowledges the significant support and guidance Nuvision has provided throughout her financial journey.

Michael R - Wasilla (AK):

Michael is excited about his $500 prize, which he plans to put towards a trip to Thailand. He appreciates the excellent service he receives from Nuvision.

Jeremy C and Jerri B - Kenai Walmart Branch:

Jeremy, a non-member referral, has won $1,000 in the giveaway, and his mother, Jerri, who referred him, is also a winner.

Max M - Converse Avenue, WY:

Max won $1,000 in the giveaway. He is a member of the 18th Street branch in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

C Mora - Mesa:

Celena was one of the $1,000 Added Advantage Summer Giveaway winners. While details about her plans for the money were not provided, we can only imagine the joy and possibilities that lie ahead for her.

Kristin S - Southside Financial Center:

Kristin shares her positive experience with Nuvision, highlighting the friendly team members who work at her local branch. She plans to use her $1,000 prize for a trip to Arizona to visit family.

Denette R. H- Carson:

Denette expresses her gratitude for the exceptional service and treatment she receives from Nuvision. She appreciates the staff and their dedication to serving each member. Denette plans to utilize her $1,000 prize towards paying bills.

Timothy A. B - Kent:

Timothy is grateful for Nuvision's competitive loan rates, which have been instrumental in his financial journey. He has been awarded $500 in the Added Advantage Summer Giveaway and intends to use some of the money for his upcoming wedding.

John B - Converse Ave:

John, a long-standing member of Nuvision, values the friendly atmosphere created by the branch staff, who he has known for years. With his $500 prize, he plans to take an exciting road trip on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, enjoying the freedom of the open road.

Randy B - Fairbanks (Northgate Square):

A loyal member since 1982, Randy expresses his love for Nuvision and appreciates the ongoing support he receives. He plans to reinvest his $500 prize into his savings account, ensuring his money continues growing.

Leonardo M., Monterey Park:

Leonardo M., the $1,000 winner plans to take a memorable trip this summer with his winnings.

Rose T., East Anchorage Walmart:

Rose T., who won $500 and frequents the East Anchorage Walmart branch, values the friendly and familiar faces of the tellers who have built a personal connection with her. Rose intends to use the prize money for a summer trip. 

Congratulations to all the winners of the Added Advantage Summer Giveaway!


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