Have you entered to win our $15K Cash Giveaway? Our First winners already won $2,000!

Nov 30, 2022, 10:45 AM by Nuvision 

It’s that time of year where we give our members the opportunity to win some extra cash for the holidays. This year we are giving away up to $15,000, and giving our members multiple different ways to win our Added Advantage Holiday Cash Giveaway!

So far 20 lucky members have won $50 Amazon gift cards and last week we selected two members for our $1,000 Thanksgiving Kickoff Prize.

Eric J., from the Edinger branch, was our first winner. He has been a Nuvision member since 2008 and was excited to win the Thanksgiving prize. Eric runs a family business and credits Nuvision for helping his business thrive. "I love that my family business is thriving so well, thanks to Nuvision's hospitality. Everyone greets me when I walk into the branch, and they are always looking out for my finances and family."

Our second winner was a new member from Alaska named Macchelssy, who joined Nuvision at the Abbott Branch last year. Macchelssy plans to use the winnings to help pay for her tuition at the University of Alaska Anchorage. "I have been on scholarships & grants, working hard to not take out student loans, so I am so grateful to Nuvision for helping me achieve my Computer Science degree!"

Both members had their prize doubled to $2,000 because they follow Nuvision on Instagram.

It’s not too late to enter! You could be the next big winner in our Added Advantage Holiday Cash Giveaway

AA Giveaway

Entering the contest is easy, simply click here and fill out the form to be entered for your chance to win. Beginning Tuesday, November 29th we will select two lucky winners per week who will win a $500 cash prize. On Thursday, December 22nd, we’ll select a grand prize winner who will receive $3,000!

Follow us on Instagram, and you can Double your Prize!

If you follow Nuvision on Instagram, you have a chance to double your prize! For example, if you win a $500 prize, and you are following us on Instagram, your prize will be doubled to $1,000! The grand prize will be doubled to $6,000! So click here to enter, and then follow Nuvision on Instagram.


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