Help us save lives! Book an appointment at Nuvision’s blood drive on February 8th to fight the nationwide blood shortage

Jan 30, 2022, 18:41 PM by Nuvision 

The nation is facing one of the worst blood shortages in over a decade. For patients, the need for blood is an urgent matter of life or death. Shortages like this one—which the American Red Cross recently declared the “first-ever blood crisis”—force doctors to make difficult decisions about who can receive blood. Nuvision is stepping up to help.

Next month, we’ll be hosting a blood drive for the Southern California community at our Edinger branch in Huntington Beach. We encourage everyone to join us and commit to donating blood to fulfill the urgent needs of our hospitals. Less than an hour of your time could save up to four lives.

Join us on February 8th from 9 – 3:30 PM to help fight the blood crisis.

All members, team members, and community members are invited to join us for our NuvisionCares Blood Drive on Tuesday, February 8th at our Edinger branch. Appointments can be easily made by visiting this link.

Last time we hosted a blood drive, over 100 people joined us—including Nuvision CEO Roger Ballard and city council member Barbara Delgleize—and collectively donated enough to save the lives of up to 213 local patients. We would love to top that number and provide even more blood to patients who need it.

Every person who shows up makes a big difference. A whole blood donation, the most common type given, can be separated into four parts: plasma, platelets, red cells, and whole blood. Some injuries and illnesses only require one of these parts—meaning your donation can be used to save four individuals.

Donations are needed more now than ever.

The Red Cross, which supplies 40% of all blood to hospitals, reports that it has had to limit its distributions–down to one-quarter of the requested amount in some cases.

“While some types of medical care can wait, others can’t,” Dr. Pampee Young, chief medical officer of the Red Cross, said in a statement. “Hospitals are still seeing accident victims, cancer patients, those with blood disorders like sickle cell disease, and individuals who are seriously ill who all need blood transfusions to live even as Omicron cases surge across the country…We need the help of the American people.”

As the Los Angeles Daily News reported, California is no exception. Some local hospitals have had to postpone surgeries and temporarily limit the operation of trauma centers.

This is our chance to make a difference. During an average year, less than 10% of the eligible population gives blood. With the reduction in blood drives hosted at schools and businesses due to the pandemic, this number is even lower. Donors who step up now can have a huge impact on hurting people in their communities.

Help save lives by booking your appointment today.

Donating is safe, easy, and takes only an hour. All healthy individuals over 16 years of age and weighing at least 110 lbs are eligible. Just check out the event page here to book your appointment.


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