20 Members Win Cash in Our Added Advantage Holiday Giveaway

Dec 29, 2021, 19:41 PM by Nuvision 

Added Advantage Giveaway

This is one of our favorite times of the year; a time when we get to give back to our members and make the holidays a little brighter with our Added Advantage Holiday Giveaway.

This year we are happy to announce that we had 20 winners in our Added Advantage Holiday Giveaway, helping make Christmas even more special for our members. From helping fund a down payment on a new house to allowing members to indulge on extra gifts for the family and make some much-needed home improvements, this year’s giveaway was filled with stories that warmed our hearts.

Stephanie H., a seamstress who banks at our Juneau, Alaska branch used her prize to buy supplies for homemade gifts. “I’m an avid seamstress so I am planning to make homemade gifts for friends and family with the prize money!”

Sherry B., like so many of this year’s winners, used her winnings to not only buy extra gifts but to also help pay down some of those holiday bills that are about to come due. She told us, “This will help with the holiday bills coming up soon too! I thought I’d enter the contest on a whim, but I never thought I’d actually win so thank you Nuvision for doing this for your members!”

Anthony B., who banks with Nuvision at our Monterey Park branch told us, “I was very surprised when I received your phone call last week congratulating me on winning the Added Advantage Holiday Giveaway of $500. I’m remodeling my home, and I am now going to be able to upgrade the yard’s landscaping with my winnings. Now we will have a new look within the interior, but also a fresh new yard to go along with it!”

But one of our favorite stories was learning that we were able to help Mikkel F. who planned on using the money to put a down payment on a new home in Anchorage, Alaska. Being able to help members build better lives is essential to our mission as a credit union, and knowing that we can help our members like Mikkel achieve their dreams is one of the greatest joys we can think of.


On top of our yearly cash giveaways, Added Advantage members can get exclusive banking benefits that include lower rates on loans, discounts on fees, and special incentives like cashback.

Any of our members can join, and there are no fees to participate. To sign up, visit our website. You can also enroll in person at your local branch, or over the phone on your Added Advantage loyalty hotline at 888.299.2079.