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Jun 29, 2020, 07:18 AM by Nuvision Credit Union 

Since day one, our top priority has been to help build the lives of hard-working people. While many things have changed during these times, our mission hasn’t. 

The COVID-19 crisis gave us a chance to put our defining values into action. Over the past few months, we’ve gone into overdrive preparing ways to help the community get through these trying times. 

How we supported small businesses

You might have heard of the NuvisionCares initiative that we launched back in April, which was started to help 14 small restaurant owners provide paychecks for their employees and give back to the healthcare workers keeping us safe. At a time when many small businesses were struggling to keep their doors open, we understood how vital it was to support them and ensure they continued to thrive.

The program provided 4,000 free meals to medical professionals and checks to many workers who wouldn’t have otherwise gotten paid--but we didn’t stop there. From May 18th through June 30th, we offered a 10% rebate to members who used their Nuvision card to order food from a local restaurant. Many members took advantage of this offer and appreciated being rewarded for their efforts to help.

These two programs have had a tremendous effect on our local businesses. Mehdi Karr, the owner of Rib Trader in Orange, California, said "Nuvision Credit Union really helped us to be able to take care of our employees during their time of need. Because of the NuvisionCares program, we were able to bring our crew back in and give them the ability to earn some vital extra income.”

Partnering with members to make our community stronger.

One of the most encouraging things that has come out of these projects is the overwhelming support from our members and team members. After our NuvisionCares initiative to purchase meals for frontline healthcare workers was over, Nuvision team members and members from both Denali and Nuvision donated over $6,000 to keep it going.

During our Support Local Restaurants rebate campaign, thousands of members joined in and purchased from businesses who needed their support. 

Recently, we also partnered with a local Orange County organization, the Shalimar Relief Fund, to start a food and household paper goods drive for lower-income families and students-- people who work every day to build a better life but have been forced out of their full-time jobs as a result of the coronavirus. Again, our members, community, and team members all came together to donate to families in need.

This is what it means to be a Nuvision member—being a part of a community where your hard work is recognized and supported by others. 

Our vision for the future.

Having goals and values matters. Our dedication to building up the community is what defines us as a credit union. It’s also what allowed us to spring into action so quickly after the crisis hit. 

Going forward, we are continuing to look for ways to make an impact on heroes in the areas we serve. And we want you to participate!

In Cheyenne, we’re launching our Helping Heroes project on July 1st as part of the NuvisionCares program. The goal is stocking our Cheyenne VA Medical Center’s food pantry to support local veterans who are struggling to get on their feet. Through July 31st, you’ll be able to drop off non-perishable food items, hygiene items, and financial donations at Cheyenne branches. 

In Denali, we’re partnering with the Children’s Lunchbox operated by Bean’s Café to assist children and families impacted by COVID-19. Without school in session, too many families are struggling to put food on the table and are just barely making it. This project will run through July 31st and allows Denali members and employees to donate food or money.

You can stay up-to-date on all that we’re doing in the community by following us on Facebook and Twitter.



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