A Look Back: Nuvision’s Holiday Season

Dec 26, 2019, 14:15 PM by Nuvision Credit Union 


This season, we’ve had many incredible opportunities to serve our members and the communities they live in. From the Veterans Day Gas Giveaway to our Toys for Tots drive, our ability to reach the community this year has grown significantly. We’re now excited to be able to share some of the greatest successes from these past few months. Thank you to everybody who made them possible!

Veterans Day Gas Giveaway 

Veterans Day at Nuvision Gas Giveaway

Our holiday season started with an incredible turnout at the annual Veteran’s Day Gas Giveaway. In California, we filled 302 cars with 4,506 gallons of gas—one of our best runs yet! To make the day even better, many community groups came out in support of what we were doing. Sgt Col Graham, the Seal Beach Sea Cadets, the Lakewood High cadets, and the Marina High School cheerleaders and football team all helped make this a great day for our veterans.

We celebrated veterans at our other Nuvision locations too. In Cheyenne, we partnered with the American Legion Post 6 to serve lunch at their annual Veterans Day ceremony. In Alaska, we hosted a $50 gas card giveaway for service members who came to our branches, a coffee and doughnut kickoff celebration, and a Veterans day lunch at the American Veterans Post 2 ceremony. Twelve Denali team members came out to help serve up food catered by Pepperoncini, a favorite local deli.

Thank you to all of our members, employees, and partners who came out to each of these locations. What you do makes a difference! Serving our nations brave veterans would not be possible without your support.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots at Nuvision

For years we’ve worked together with our members to serve the community through the Toys for Tots drive. This annual event put toys under the tree for economically disadvantaged kids who might not otherwise receive them. This year, we’ve expanded the initiative by partnering with our neighbors at Refuge Church.

We are so grateful for everybody who contributed to make this year’s drive a success. Because of your generosity, children in our community will get to experience the holiday they’ve been dreaming of. We’d especially like to thank, Christy Vivion. For the past ten years, she’s donated brand new scooters to our drive. This year, she outdid herself by dropping off not just one, but eight scooters. It’s members like Christy that keep this program going. Thanks to her, eight children will have the opportunity to ride down their streets on brand new scooters this Christmas.

Added Advantage Holiday Giveaway

Added Advantage Giveaway

We are grateful to have such fantastic members here at Nuvision. A few times each year, we try to find ways to thank you. During this past month, we ran a $5,500 holiday cash giveaway for all Added Advantage members. The hope was it would allow you to relax and enjoy the season, without worrying about money.

The month is almost over, which means many of our winners have already been announced. The following Members all received $500 to help them with holiday expenses.

Week 1: Jesus V. (CA), Brittany R. (CA), Chrysty H. (CA)

Week 2: Susan C. (WY), Harold M. (AZ), Kristina E. (CA)

Week 3: Francisco R. (CA), Magnus P. (WY), Terris W. (CA)

Congratulations to everybody who won! After all your hard work this year, you deserve it.  Next week, we’ll be announcing our $1000 grand prize winner.