Spend Less, Enjoy More: Six Ways to Save This Summer

May 29, 2019, 14:33 PM by Nuvision Credit Union 

Longer days, warmer weather, and a thousand extra things to worry about.

Between planning for vacations and finding ways to entertain the kids at home, summertime can be expensive—and exhausting! If you feel like you can’t catch a break, we’ve got you covered.

Nuvision is having a Summer Cash Giveaway, which will reward nine lucky winners with $500 each, and one member with $1000. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the warmer weather, without stressing about how you’re going to pay for it.

In addition to hosting this giveaway, we’d like to offer some tips on cost-effective summer fun. When it comes to summer, it’s the memories you create that matter most, not how much you spend on them. Keep reading for the tips, and more information on how you can win some extra cash for your vacation plans. 


Take the heat off your grocery bill

Summer makes a lot of regular expenses increase—electricity, water, and of course, your grocery bill. Having older kids home from school means there will be a lot more snacking, and the refrigerator will empty a lot faster.

Your desire to relax might mean you opt for more expensive, easier options like fast food and pre-packaged snacks, but don’t give in to the temptation!

You can have quick, easy, and delicious meals, all while sticking to your budget. Look into cold options that reduced the need to use heat: think sandwiches, salads, or wraps. Plan your meals ahead of time and encourage household members to help cook. When shopping, avoid purchasing easy to grab snacks that will be mindlessly eaten in larger quantities, and think about your plan for the week to come. 


Pay for travel in advance

Try to book your hotel and airfare as far in advance as you can. Ticket prices increase the closer you get to your date, so planning ahead can make a huge difference.

You should also account for the smaller purchases that stack up. That bottle of water you bought at the airport? That just cost you $3. The chips you bought in the hotel lobby? $2. Talk about overpriced! The things you would typically just have at home, like water, toiletries, and snacks, are a whole lot more expensive when you purchase them while away.

A good solution is planning ahead. Bring your own snacks and refillable water bottles. Remember the little things you’ll need--hats, sunscreen, toothbrushes, socks, etc.--and bring them with. Cutting down on last-minute purchases will save you a boatload over the course of your trip.


Explore alternative destinations

A weeklong excursion in Hawaii or a weekend Florida beach getaway sounds great—but your wallet won’t thank you. The truth is, it’s not worth going into debt over a vacation. If you’re already in debt, it’s better to spend that money paying it off.

Being money smart doesn’t mean your summer has to be boring. You can still relax and have a great time without traveling across the country. Try a camping trip, or if you’re not one for the outdoors, plan a staycation. Just avoid things you would normally do and explore your city as a tourist.

A staycation has another added bonus: You save time traveling. No more waiting for hours cramped in cars, stuck at the airport, or next to an annoying passenger on a plane. You’re home, which means you can enjoy the comforts of your own house along with the perks of a vacation.


Find free and low-cost weekend activities

It’s summer, and there’s so much going on. From free outdoor concerts and movie nights to discounted ticket prices, doing a little research can pay off big time. Low-cost activities can be just as fun as the ones you’d pay a premium for and will be just as effective in creating family memories.


Trade daycare for a summer classic—camp!

During the summer, there’s no need to spend money on daycare facilities. Look for daytime camps hosted by recreation facilities or community organizations. These are usually much cheaper, and will even be enjoyed more by the kids. Sleepaway camps are generally more expensive, but they could still save you money if you find the right one.

Another good option is setting up play dates with your kids’ friends. You and other parents can trade off watching your children, and save even more.


Put down the remote

Monthly streaming services like cable, Netflix, and Hulu can really add up over time. Cutting these costs for a few months can be a great way to save, especially if you do plan on traveling. Besides, do you really want to spend your summer in front of the television? There’s so much to do, with friends, with family, outdoors. If you’re dying to watch something, get movies for free by borrowing from a library. Or, meet up with friends and watch at their place. You’ll be surprised how much you save by just doing this one thing.


We want to give you the best summer ever.


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