2019 Housing & Economic Forecast Event

Apr 29, 2019, 13:02 PM by Nuvision Credit Union  

Nuvision recently held an exclusive event for our members at the Westin South Coast Plaza. Attendees enjoyed an evening full of delicious food, fascinating entertainment, and valuable information on the local housing forecast.

The event was highlighted by our guest speaker, Dr. Robert Kleinhenz, Economist and Executive Director of Research at Beacon Economics, LLC and one of California’s leading economists. Dr. Kleinhenz used his 30 years of experience in analyzing the national and state economies to provide our members with insights into the California economy.

He spoke about the housing market, economic forecasts, the impacts of new tax law, interest rate volatility, and job markets, among other things.

Robert K

The more information, the better the results

According to Robert Kleinhenz's, "there will be no recession this year, rather a continued record expansion." 

Our members are better equipped to make good decisions in the current market, thanks to the relevant takeaways from Kleinhenz’s presentation. Everybody in attendance walked away with a better understanding of the current economy and armed with the information they needed to get a leg up in the market.

“I didn’t realize the how much local wage growth affected housing costs, but now that Dr.Kleinhenz mentioned it I’m going to take it into consideration more.”  said one of the attendees.

Enjoying the night - See more photos from the event HERE

Guests also enjoyed entertainment from Gregory Adamson, a local Southern California artist whose work has been displayed by celebrities, large corporations, and even the Congressional Offices in Washington D.C. He’s received international acclaim for his ‘Facing the Music’ performance art, which combines painting and music with movement to form a show unlike any other.

Our guests were able to watch Gregory create a beautiful masterpiece in a matter of minutes, using only his hands and a few paintbrushes for tools.

“The performance was incredible, and the information was worth my while. The event was pretty well put together. I’d definitely come again,” one guest commented.


At Nuvision, we want to set you up for success

The 2019 Housing and Economic Forecast event was just one of the many ways we care for our members. Our goal is to help in any way we can and provide you with the necessary tools to build a successful future.

This specific event has been running annually for a few years. Last year, it featured presentations from various experts on the local market and entertainment by illusionist from the Wynn Las Vegas, Shimshi. Members who attended reported feeling better prepared to handle their careers and finances.

If you’re a member and missed out on this year’s event, keep an eye out for more in the future. Nuvision provides various seminars and informational events exclusively for you throughout the year, so be sure to join us next time!