Nuvision Hero David Hayward: A WW2 Air Force Veteran Who Continues to Fight for Freedom

As a WWII U.S. Army Air Force veteran, David has sacrificed much in the service of his country. Today, he works with The Freedom Committee of Orange County to teach the coming generations about the value of liberty. From writing books and newsletters to speaking at schools, he’s dedicated to teaching the next generation to love the hard-won liberty fought for by men like him.

Nuvision Hero Michael Barrett: A Marine Who Never Lets Obstacles Stop Him from Serving

As a highly decorated Marine Veteran who served over 20 years, director of the VetNet Program at Working Wardrobes, and dedicated patriot, Michael has sacrificed so much for his country. From an injury in combat to the many years he spent training others for service, Michael's contributions to our nation and community deserve the respect of every one of us.

Nuvision Hero Anthony Miller: A Vietnam Veteran Who Serves the Homeless

Anthony Miller is a veteran who spent his Army days serving a tour in Vietnam. Upon arriving back in America, he found himself entirely alone—homeless, hungry, and afraid. Today, he uses this experience to help homeless veterans get housing, food, and resources through his organization Tender Touch Ministries.

Housing Report: Demand and inventory will drop with the holidays, but the market will remain hot.

A new season is drawing near. Halloween is already behind us and the rest of the end-of-year holidays are quickly approaching. This means the beginning of the new season for the housing market—the holiday market. Read more to find out what Steven Thomas says this means for home buyers and sellers.


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