Stay Ahead of Fraudsters: Nuvision Insights Webinar on Fraud Prevention

Oct 29, 2023, 22:14 PM by Author Unknown

Nuvision Insights

When it comes to financial security, knowledge is power. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the tools and insights to navigate your financial journey safely, Nuvision Credit Union is excited to announce the next installment in our Nuvision Insights webinar series: "FIGHT BACK! Tips & Tactics to Prevent Fraud." This invaluable online event is scheduled for November 9, 2023, from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and aims to equip you with practical information and strategies to combat fraud, especially during the vulnerable holiday season.

Meet the Experts

Our latest Nuvision Webinar will be hosted by Roger Ballard, the CEO of Nuvision Credit Union, who brings years of experience and deep expertise in financial services. Joining him will be guest experts Amy Marsalek and Sarah Spires, whose insights into fraud prevention are second to none. This talented panel is dedicated to providing you with actionable strategies that you can implement immediately to better protect yourself and your finances.

Agenda Highlights

The hour-long event will be packed with critical information designed to bolster your defenses against fraud. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  • Introduction by Roger Ballard: Learn about the importance of staying vigilant and proactive in fraud prevention from our CEO.
  • Digital Banking & Safety Overview: Gain essential knowledge on how to safeguard your online accounts and personal data.
  • Common Scams & Safety Tips: Discover the latest scams that fraudsters are using and learn the most effective ways to protect yourself against them.
  • Q&A Session: Have questions? This is your chance to get answers directly from the experts. Your financial safety matters to us, and we want to make sure you have all your concerns addressed.

The holiday season should be a time for celebration and joy, not for worrying about fraudsters exploiting your hard-earned money. Let's work together to ensure that you can focus on what really matters during the holidays—spending quality time with loved ones—while we take care of helping you safeguard your financial well-being.

If you are serious about protecting yourself from fraud, you won't want to miss this webinar. All attendees will also receive a free Nuvision Guide to Fighting Back against fraud, providing you with a valuable resource that you can refer to at any time.

Join us online on November 9th, and let’s strengthen your financial security together.

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