The toughest battle is back home: Veterans whose triumphs didn't end on the battlefield

Jun 27, 2019, 10:12 AM by Nuvision Credit Union 

Our military sacrifices so much to keep us safe. They stand ready to give their lives to protect our freedom—something we can’t repay. But often, the battles they face don’t end when they leave the battlefield. They continue even when they arrive back at home. Many times, they take a form that not everybody can even see. It’s the stress that arises from having to reconcile what they have seen in the line of duty with the normalcy of civilian life.

Veterans are a strong group of individuals, and many of them have been able to overcome the difficulties they’ve faced back home. Some have started successful businesses. Others, like the Freedom Committee of Orange County, have used their unique experience to continue giving to their communities. The Freedom Committee is an organization made up of veterans who teach the history of America with youth by sharing their story. Their first-hand experiences have helped educate countless students.

Groups like them do a lot of good in our community. That’s why it’s important to support veteran run organizations, it helps the community, the veterans running them, and inspires other veterans to see the possibilities for their future. This is part of the reason Nuvision is hosting the Freedom Ride on July 4th. For every rider who participates, Nuvision will donate $25 to help benefit the Freedom Committee of Orange County.

While supporting veterans who have found success is important, it’s also important to support those who are still struggling. Too many of our veterans are dealing with their problems alone. They deserve our support and there are things we can do to help them through the tough spots. Many organizations in our area are helping veterans conquer and work through their personal issues.

In honor of PTSD awareness day, here are some top Southern California organizations helping veterans adjust, get the help they need, and get their lives back on track:

Veterans Transition Support

This Orange County based nonprofit aims to help veterans bridge the gap between military life and civilian life. They provide certification courses, career management workshops, and veteran networking events that pair veterans with companies that want to hire them.

Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

The Patriot Service Dog Foundation serves military and first responder veterans who can benefit from a service dog. These dogs help veterans deal with mental and physical health issues, and enable them to adjust to life outside of service and become independent.

Veterans Business Outreach Centers

VBOC helps educate transitioning veterans on starting new businesses or growing existing businesses. They offer counseling, workshops, and resources to help veterans reach their goals.

Warriors on Track

Warriors on Track provides access to treatment for vets suffering from PTSD. They also work to provide rehabilitation therapy, housing, and job training for those who need it.

The Soldiers Project

The Soldier Project works to educate the public on the psychological consequences that result from war and to support military service members and their families with free, confidential treatment. Since their founding, they’ve helped thousands of military members access the treatment they need.

Orange County Veterans Employment Committee

The OCVEC works with veterans to remove barriers that prevent them from achieving employment. They run employment connection events, host certification classes, and provide assistance like gas cards and bus passes once the veteran has got a job.

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