Nuvision’s mission to honor hidden heroes

May 30, 2019, 10:21 AM by Nuvision Credit Union 

Throughout this month, we’ve been talking about the heroes in our community. We’ve celebrated the military with our Memorial Day gas giveaways, by sponsoring meals for military members, and by sharing some tips on how you can support them. The soldiers and others working in our military are great examples of heroes—they put others first, make sacrifices, and stay strong through the toughest situations.

Military service members exemplify these traits well, but they aren’t the only heroes in our community. Countless others also make sacrifices and give their all to make life better for the people around them. These individuals work behind the scenes, quietly doing the things that keep our society going.

Hidden heroes: the heart of our community


One of our missions here is to highlight some of these people and give them the respect they deserve. One group of hidden heroes are nurses, who work use their compassionate care and extensive medical backgrounds to do a job nobody else could do. To honor them, we visited the CHOC Children’s Hospital to hand out KIND bars as a thank you.

This month, we also celebrated Mother’s Day, and the important influence mom’s have on not only their kids but on the world. We reached out to a community organization, A Snail’s Pace running club, and provided them with dinner. These are just a few of the ways we’ve celebrated our community this month, but there are still so many more individuals who deserve recognition.

Without the mom’s, the nurses, the first responders, the teachers, and the hardworking people—we don’t have a community.

It’s not about status--it’s about dedication



Popularity isn’t the true mark of a hero. It’s a selfless dedication to helping others.

Many true heroes are happy to do their work because they know it will benefit others. They humbly accept the role without ever asking for recognition. It’s part of what makes them a hero.

We want to bring all the good things they are doing to light. Hopefully, it can give them some motivation to keep doing what they are doing, and not give up.

Going forward, we’ll continue to honor these extraordinary individuals in a variety of different ways. We already have one event dedicated to this coming up soon, the Freedom Ride, made to honor the first responders and military.

You are making a difference.

Nuvision Members honoring our heroes

Just by being a Nuvision member, you’re making a difference. You’re the reason we exist in the first place, and what makes all our outreach possible.

It’s our pleasure to supply hard-working people like you with the best financial services available. For all the good we do in the community, that’s still our primary goal. We know the more we help our members, the more our members can help the community.

Nuvision's Motorcycle Ride

Thank you for being a member of Nuvision Credit Union, and thank you for supporting the heroes in our community. If you would like to signup for the Fourth of July Nuvision Freedom Ride or stop by to honor our military and first responders, click here to RSVP.