Good news for Alaskans! IRS issues guidance on reporting 2022 PFD as taxable income

Feb 21, 2023, 18:19 PM by Author Unknown

Good news for Alaskans!

Last year, Alaska lawmakers added energy-relief money to the annual PFD of $2,622. The money was meant to help residents hit hard by high gasoline, diesel and heating fuel prices. Last week the Internal Revenue Service announced that Alaskans would not be taxed on the $662 energy-relief portion of last year’s $3,284 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend.

According to the IRS guidance, the supplemental energy relief payment portion of the 2022 Alaska PFD does not need to be reported as income on your 2022 tax documents. Thus, $662 of the PFD (that’s the specific amount of the “energy relief payment”) should not be reported on income tax documents.

The IRS announcement can be found here: