Win $100 in our International Credit Union Day Giveaway!

Oct 12, 2022, 10:02 AM by Nuvision 

October 20th is the 75th annual International Credit Union Day–and we can’t wait to hear what our members have to say! In fact, your experience could be worth an extra $100!

We are celebrating International Credit Union Day with an Instagram Giveaway!

This year’s International Credit Union Day’s theme is: Empower Your Financial Future with a Credit Union™! To celebrate, we want to give you a chance to reflect on the importance of Credit Unions and how Nuvision has helped you with your financial future.

Beginning October 13th through the 20th, post a selfie or video and write a caption sharing how Nuvision Credit Union has empowered your financial future with the following hashtags: #InternationalCreditUnionDay, #ICUDay & #NuvisionCreditUnion.

You’ll then be eligible for our International Credit Union Day drawing, where we’ll give away $100 Amazon gift cards to ten lucky members. Please make sure to tag us @NuvisionCreditUnion in your post so we can include you in the drawing!

Winners will be announced on October 21st on social media. We hope you’ll join in, share your thoughts about Nuvision, and let us thank you for your membership!

International Credit Union Day is a chance to celebrate your Credit Union and all that makes Nuvision unique.

Two things set Nuvision apart from other financial institutions: our mission and our members. 

At its core, our credit union is simply a group of people who share the same mission: making an impact on the community. We’re not solely focused on transactions. We’re here to meet financial needs, but we’re also here to support you through every moment of life, from your first home to retirement. We’re here to thank, serve, and honor the people in our community who are making a difference.

UPDATE: 2022 ICU Day Winners Announced!

ICU Day Winners