Orange County Housing Webinar Recap: An exclusive forecast of the OC housing market

Mar 8, 2021, 11:08 AM by Nuvision 

This video includes views from Reports on Housing by Steven Thomas, economics expert and experienced real estate executive, and is not a reflection of the opinions, views, or predictions of Nuvision and its representatives. 

The housing market has been anything but predictable; while economic conditions over the last year have impacted almost every industry and financial sector, the housing market has been unbelievably resilient. Many are wondering—where does it go from here?

With new data constantly pouring in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the ever-increasing stream of news stories and confusing predictions. As a homeowner or potential buyer, we know there’s really only one thing on your mind: What does this mean for me and my wallet?

That's why we brought in leading local economic and housing expert Steven Thomas to discuss exactly what’s happening with the housing market and where he sees things going as we head into the Spring and Summer of 2021. During the webinar, Steven broke down what these unprecedented economic conditions mean for the local real estate market and gave members the strategies and information they needed to make smart buying or selling decisions.

The video above features highlights from the webinar, you can also read Steven's latest housing market report here!