Nuvision Heroes: A team member who serves every member like they are family

Jan 29, 2021, 08:36 AM by Nuvision 
Shana Price


“I treat my members the way I would want any of my loved ones to be treated when they seek financial guidance,” said Shana Price, our Juneau branch manager and pick for this month’s team member spotlight. From a young age, Shana recognized the importance of financial literacy and set her heart on making a difference in people's lives. It shows in her work. Shana has been in the banking industry for years and has a long record of active involvement in the community. Though relatively new to Nuvision, her presence has already made a significant impact on the people around her. From dressing up for Veterans Day activities, to decorating her branch for the holidays, to going above and beyond for her branch’s Toys for Tots drive by adding a clothes and food drive, Shana exemplifies community spirit.

Shana treats members like family, offering the financial support she never had.

“I grew up with working-class folks. When my father broke his back, my mother’s waitressing income was the main income for our home,” she said. “My folks were young parents that had learned harsh financial lessons. They had little to no support, especially when it came to financial decisions.”

This early experience with the reality of difficult financial situations motivated Shana to help others who find themselves in similar situations. “I knew at a young age that I wanted something different,” she said. “And I knew once I figured out how to make that happen, I would make a point to help others do the same.”

Shana emphasized that not everyone knows what resources are available to them. Many lack the necessary support and advice to make good financial choices. She tries to fill that gap. “Being a part of a member’s life journey is a real blessing,” she said.

Service is built on personal connections.

For Shana, building an understanding with another person is the foundation of serving. “Knowing how to connect with others in a way that allows them to be open and be honest means a deeper level of personalized service can be provided,” she explained. Shana invests in the people she meets, spreading spirit within her branch team and listening carefully to member needs.

Even in her service outside of work, Shana believes supporting others means learning what each individual needs. In December, she participated in Christmas Angel. Her favorite part was making a connection with the little girl she treated with gifts, “I was blessed to dote on her with something she was longing for all year—baby dolls galore!” she said. “I loved baby dolls too when I was her age!”

When Shana gives, she gives from the heart.

Shana is passionate about more than financial literacy. She also loves supporting other causes near to her heart.

“Knowing people go hungry every day saddens me, so you can find me picking up extra pantry items when grocery shopping and teaching my boys the value of doing the same,” she said, adding an encouragement to support one of her favorite local organizations, the Southeast Alaska Food Bank.

She also enjoys helping the Juneau Animal Rescue mission with her family. “Juneau is a big animal-loving community, and I’m all hands in! Even with two rescue pets of our own, you will still find us donating our time interacting with the pets at the shelter or their foster homes,” she said.

Team members like Shana remind us to focus on what is most important: people.

One thing we strive to do at Nuvision is to make connections—with the community and with individual members. It’s why we reach out to provide resources like webinars to members and why we stand alongside struggling small businesses and organizations doing good in the community.

Team members like Shana remind us that this mission matters. She understands that even the small interactions can have a big impact—especially during these times. “I can’t end Covid-19, but I relate to hardship my community is faced with because my family is facing similar challenges,” she said. “It makes me think even more passionately that the smallest things matter in life.”

We’re so thankful for team members like Shana who excel in providing personal care and are active in the community. We know that the Juneau branch is better because of her hard work and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Shana, for the care and service you provide every day. 


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