Nuvison Heroes: A Shining Example of What Serving the Community Looks Like.

Jul 29, 2020, 21:52 PM by Nuvision Credit Union 
Emily Jackson

Finding a person with a true passion for their work is rare. But when looking through our staff, it didn’t take long to think of one person whose genuine care makes such a difference for the people she interacts with on the job.

Emily Jackson not only exemplifies our values of service, hard work, and community support, but she goes above and beyond to incorporate them into her daily work. As part of a military family, she is especially committed to the cause of supporting veterans.

Originally from West Mansfield, Ohio, Emily has lived in Cheyenne for the past six years with her husband, 9-year-old son, and two shepherds. In her family’s active-duty military years, she called many places home-- from Baumholder, Germany to Fort Gordon and Fort Bliss. She enjoys traveling with friends, family, and driving clubs, especially when that means visiting national parks or historical places.

Learning and Listening: The Way to Make Service Meaningful

Emily’s perspective on service means she is uniquely suited to make an impact on the community. “In many ways, we’ve forgotten what it means to truly serve one another,” she said. “To me, service is understanding a need and finding a way to care for someone in a way that’s meaningful to them.”

From the way she interacts with co-workers to her diligence in completing even the smallest tasks, she shows this attitude every day.

She’s also tirelessly dedicated to her community. For her, the community is the perfect vessel to serve, and building relationships through conversations is vital to identifying and meeting the needs of others.

Emily never loses sight of the one thing that makes a community great: the individual people within it. “I love working with people, understanding what makes them who they are. Working within the credit union for the last five years has given me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and learn from their stories.”

Continuing Service Through Difficult Times

Like so many other cities, Cheyenne has struggled with uncertainty and changing living situations during the COVID-19 crisis. Emily is proud of how the Cheyenne community has risen to the occasion and come together to continue providing services.

“Restaurants, shop owners, businesses of all kinds have become so creative in how they continue on serving their members and customers, finding new ways to do business, support their staff, and keep customers safe,” she said. “This area is filled with folks who persevere and take care of each other; it’s almost contagious when you see an individual, organization, or business come up with a new way to lend a hand to those who need it most.”

Now more than ever, Nuvision feels the need to have a strong presence in our community. Emily shares that vision and has been one of the people driving us to carry it out.

In the past, she’s played an important role in events like our Memorial Day Gas Giveaway. Recently, she helped to ensure our Helping Heroes project to stock the Cheyenne VA Medical Center’s food pantry was a success. With her on the team, this outreach made an impact on many people.            

A Credit Union for Hard-working People, Built by Hard-working People

Nuvision Team Members

Our credit union exists to help hard-working people build their lives, but we wouldn’t be here without the hard work of our own team members. Emily has been part of numerous projects in her time at Nuvision. One example is the annual Veterans’ Day Ceremony at American Legion Post #6, which we’ve attended for the past two years to serve meals. Emily has enthusiastically supported this outreach every time.

“Projects supporting veterans are always dear to me; seeing gratitude shown through an act of service is the goal!” she said. “While the gesture is simple, there’s something about physically serving a meal to someone and thanking them for what they’ve sacrificed and endured. Words and gestures of thanks for veterans are often genuinely unexpected --- we try to change that!”

Hard work always pays off, especially when you see the impact it has on people. We asked Emily about the most meaningful project she has been a part of, and she told us the story of the 2019 Economic Outlook.

“During this event held for Nuvision members, a board member of High Plains Honor Flight took the stage and shared a bit with us about the recent flight to D.C., which Nuvision had supported, and the impact these trips have on the veteran guests who attend. Three veteran guests who were Purple Heart recipients were present, and after sharing with our member audience what it means to receive a Purple Heart, they were honored with a standing ovation. Seeing their service honored by complete strangers was truly awesome.”

At Nuvision, we love moments like these—moments when we can show people how appreciated they are for the sacrifices they make. We’re grateful to have team members like Emily who make them possible.


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