Thanking our incredible members

Oct 31, 2019, 08:29 AM by Nuvision Credit Union  

October 2019 events


To celebrate our incredible members this month, we’ve hosted special events across all of the areas we serve. Wyoming, California, and Alaska each had an activity filled day to celebrate members. These three events were just one way for us to thank you for all your hard work.

Southern California – Food, drinks, and world-class music 

The Celebration of You Concert Event

Early this month, our members were invited to a private concert at Andrei’s, a top-rated restaurant in Orange County. They enjoyed a buffet-style meal, which included Andrei’s signature dishes like mini lamb meatballs and bacon-wrapped scallops, all made with locally grown organic produce.

Following dinner, two world-renowned musicians took the stage. The show featured Michael Paulo, internationally acclaimed saxophonist in pop, soul, and contemporary jazz who has toured for nearly 35 years, and Peter White, an accomplished guitar player whose career has spanned four decades and has included over a dozen solo recordings.

Nuvision Credit Union Concert

As part of recognizing hard-working members, we gave awards to two outstanding people for their passion for helping the community. Team members Michael Matubang and Adam Fludine received the volunteer of the year awards for their dedication to our outreach events like the Memorial Day gas giveaway and the Freedom Ride.

Michael Matubang

Adam Fludine

Wyoming - Delicious food, economic insights and special honors to war Veterans 

Cheyenne 2019 Economic Outlook

On Thursday, October 10th, Nuvision hosted nearly 150 Wyoming members and guests for the second Cheyenne Economic Outlook event. Held in the Grand Ballroom at Little America Hotel & Resort, with music from local jazz band, Jazztet.

Following presentations from Dr. Alexander who shared insights on local market and economic trends in Cheyenne, Brian Gary of High Plains Honor Flight went on stage to share details from the September 15th flight to Washington D.C., of which Nuvision was a sponsor of two veteran attendees. Brian was also presented with a check for $2,500.00 to sponsor Veterans on the upcoming flight scheduled for 2020.

Honor Flight 2019

Brian also spoke of the merits of military honor and more specifically, the Purple Heart award. Having shared what this award signifies and who may receive it, three guests were asked to stand and be recognized; LTC Barry D. Gasdek, CW2 Ray Livermont, and 1SG Larry L. Cardwell. These individuals are veterans of the Vietnam War by way of the U.S. Army, and were honored with an engraved plaque by Roger Ballard on behalf of Nuvision.

purple heart recipients

Alaska – Free museum tours, delicious food, and valuable economic information

Alaska 2019 Economic Outlook with Economist Ed King

On October 16th, our members enjoyed an informative evening at the Anchorage Museum. Members were served beverages and farm-fresh meals from the MUSE restaurant kitchen. Ed King, economics expert with 20 years of experience in the Alaskan economy, give his presentation. The audience was able to take away a few key points from King’s presentation:

  • The Alaska economy is healthy – Jobs and wages are on the rise.
  • Buying a home is a great investment – Over the long term, being a homeowner is very beneficial. Home values aren’t at risk—the data shows this. In fact, they tend to rise over time.
  • Every investment carries a risk, but a home is worth it – Maintenance can be expensive and rate increases carry the possibility of decreases in home values. Still, current rates are low, and mortgage payments don’t rise with inflation. This means the risk of buying a home is less than other investments.

Guests were also treated to free tours of the Anchorage Museum, and entertainment by Seth Kantner, renowned Alaska author and wildlife photographer. Kantner’s novel Ordinary Wolves received literary acclaim, and he’s currently a columnist for the Anchorage Daily News.

Seth Kantner

Denali members

Thank you to all of our incredible members!

You work so hard every day, yet we live in a world where that isn’t always recognized. We appreciate everything you do, and how you support our mission to build a better community. We hope that through events like these, and through the services we provide, we help you understand how much value your hard work has.

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