An easier, more secure online banking platform is coming!

Sep 30, 2019, 08:32 AM by Nuvision Credit Union  

We have some exciting news to share! Starting Monday, November 18th, members will have access to our new and improved online banking system. The upgrade is intended to improve your online banking experience and better serve your unique financial needs.

On top of a streamlined interface, which will make navigating your account a whole lot easier, the upgrade also includes a number of security enhancements to make your online banking even safer. As we get closer to rolling out the release of the new platform, we will share more details about what you can expect when you log in, but here is a quick overview of things to come:

A Safer more Secure Experience

With the latest innovations in online security, you can rest assured your account will remain safe and protected.

Better Access and Control over your Account

Your time is valuable. The design improvements make navigation easier and more intuitive, saving you time when doing routine activities on your account. You’ll have more control over your account, with added features that help you better manage your money.

With the upgraded system, you’ll be able to accomplish the tasks you need with ease. Check your balance, transfer money, or set up payments in a snap. Then, get back to doing what you want.

Convenient and interruption free

Don’t worry about your current bill pay or previously scheduled automatic payments being changed. These will continue as usual. You’ll hardly even notice the transition. The only difference will be a better experience the next time you log on.

A system that serves you

We want to give you the best service possible. This new system is just one way we’re working to do that.

In preparation for the switch, please make sure the phone number attached to your account is updated in the current system. Stay tuned for updates.


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