The Top Family Day Events in Southern California

Sep 25, 2019, 14:57 PM by Nuvision 
Family Day


September 26th is National Family Day, and it’s a great time to remember the importance of spending time with members of your family and creating memories that can last a lifetime. It’s also an excellent way to help your kids decompress after the first couple of weeks of the new school year.  

Celebrating National Family Day is easy. Here are some of the top events:   

Apollo 11: One Small Step For Mankind

NASA and the  Apollo 11 mission hold a special place in Nuvision’s history, that’s why this exhibit was one of our top picks.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old; space will always be fascinating. This museum exhibit gives you an up-close and personal look into one of the most famous missions in NASA’s history: Apollo 11.  The exhibit itself is a commemoration of Apollo 11’s lunar landing. It features exhibits that let you go back in time to feel the wonder the world felt when man first set foot on the moon. 

Zoppe Italian Family Circus - Escondido

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the circus? Circus acts are as family-friendly as they come, and the Zoppe family circus promises to give people of all ages a taste of the wonder and magic of an old school circus show. 

This one-ring circus is all about showmanship, family fun, and fascinating looks into one of the most popular entertainment traditions in America. You and your kids will love it. 

Gaslight Steampunk Expo - San Diego 

Imagine a world where steam, cogs, and Victorian flair rules the world, and you’ll get a good idea of what steampunk culture is all about. This three-day expo starts on National Family Day, is great for families with older teens, and offers up acts that you would never see anywhere else. 

Anyone who is a fan of British Victorian culture, sci-fi, and fantasy will love this expo. Cosplaying is encouraged, and an excellent way for your kids get to enjoy tons of exciting artforms. 

Legends of Los Angeles - Los Angeles

Los Angeles has one of the richest car cultures in the world, and this expo brings the amazing history of car design in Los Angeles to the forefront with a fantastic selection of antique cars and the stories behind them. Budding engineers and adult car fans alike will love what they learn at this event. 

This one-of-a-kind homage to racing culture offers thrills to everyone who enjoys looking at cars in action. If your family has a need for speed, Legends of Los Angeles will be the place to be. 


Antarctic Dinosaurs Exhibition - Los Angeles

What child isn't fascinated with dinosaurs? Right now until early January, the Los Angeles Natural History Museum has an exhibition that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

In this unique museum piece, families will get an introduction to the dinosaurs that lived and thrived around Antarctica. Along with “meeting” the dinosaurs, children will get to learn about the lush world that one existed in this frigid area. Better still, families will get to “meet” sauropods that have yet to be named. 


Places to Go

You don’t always have to find a nearby event to have a great time with your family. Southern California is filled to the brim with amazing venues that let you enjoy family-friendly adventures year-round. These interesting places will definitely add a little excitement to your family outings. 

Bowers Museum - Santa Ana

Educational trips can be fun, too. At Santa Ana’s Bowers Museum, visitors get to learn about Native American culture, hear fascinating stories, and partake in interactive exhibits that are designed to get kids and adults alike more interested than ever before. Better still, Bowers regularly offers up free festivals. So, if you’re short on cash, this venue can give you a great way to spend the day. 

Descanso Gardens - La Canada Flintridge

Sometimes, it’s best just to take time and kick back in a beautiful garden. Descanso Gardens is perfect during September. Beautiful arrangements, a place for kids to roam free, regular storytime readings, concerts, and a fun Enchanted Railroad attraction make this a relaxing way to kick back after a long day. The Gardens regularly host nighttime events too, so don’t be surprised if you end up seeing more than one event in the same day here.

The Last Book Store - Los Angeles

Are your children bookworms? Are you a part of a family that adores going to the library or hitting up your local Barnes & Noble? The Last Book Store is one of the most whimsical, quirky bookstores you could ever imagine. This wonderland of books and records has a labyrinth, art installations, as well as a tunnel that’s completely made of books. 

El Capitan Theatre - Los Angeles

Need a little glitz and glamour during your family time? Not a problem, if you’re willing to check out El Capitan Theatre. This historic theatre’s amazing architecture is sure to wow every member of your family, and the shows that play are regularly family-friendly. During this month, families can buy tickets to The Nightmare Before Christmas—a true classic, if there ever was one!

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum - Los Angeles

The La Brea Tar Pits make up the most famous Ice Age fossil site in the world, and are now considered to be one of LA’s most popular tourist attractions. The tar pits feature amazing recreations of Ice Age scenes, but if you’re a science-oriented family, it’s the museum that you’ll want to see. Here, you can check out the Ice Age lab, learn about this point in prehistory, and also scope out some fascinating fossils. 

Aliso Fairy Trail - Mission Viejo

Going to a park for a walk with the family is always a welcome event, but why not add a little bit of extra magic to the experience? The Aliso Fairy Trail is a unique attraction that will have your kids believing in fairies. This trail has dozens of fairy houses and fairy doors that line it, all built with hopes that the wee folk will take residence there. Who knows? Maybe you will end up seeing something unexplainable while you’re out!

Pirates Dinner Adventure - Buena Park

If your family has a bunch of youngin’s with a penchant for adventure, then maybe it’s time to make dinnertime a blast with Pirates Adventure Dinner. This dinner theater is modeled off an old-world Spanish ship and has incredible shows every night. Everyone loves the idea of swashbuckling tales on the high seas, especially when it comes with a mouthwatering dinner.

Keep the fun going year-round!

At Nuvision, we want to make sure our members have everything they need to build the best life possible. It’s why we work so hard in our community outreach. While helping our community is important, we also know that community starts at home.

Family Day is a great time to take a step back from the daily stresses of life and spend time with loved ones, but you can also plan fun at any time! If you’re looking for more ideas or things to do with the family, you can keep an eye on the blog. We post community events happening locally every month, and you’re sure to find something to do with your family on there.


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