Thank you to all of our hard-working members!

Sep 2, 2019, 21:45 PM by Author Unknown

For many, Labor Day is an excuse to throw a barbeque party, hit the beach, and enjoy one last taste of summer before the fall completely sets in. Today, we want to remember the roots of Labor Day—celebrating working people like you who do so much for our country.

You are the hard workers who build our community.

Labor Day became an official part of the national calendar 125 years ago, when it was established as a federal holiday in September of 1894. It was proposed as a way to honor the social and economic achievements of workers in America.

Many of these achievements have been made by our own members. Throughout our long history, Nuvision members have done some incredible things. As workers at Douglas Aircraft, they helped the first plane circumnavigate the Earth, produce aircraft for the US in World War II, and even build essential components on the Saturn V rocket that took men to the moon. As we later expanded into other industries, we had members working in construction, gas, and even the military. Though their fields were diverse, they all had the same goal in sight: create a better future.

Today, our members continue to make an impact on the world around them. Every day you go into work, you are making a difference. Whether it’s keeping the power in our cities running, keeping citizens safe, or solving problems to build a better future—even the small things you do matter.

Your work is appreciated.

At Nuvision, we want to make sure you know how important the work you do is. You’re the reason we can do community outreach and help so many people. We exist because you work hard, so we want to take the time to honor hard-working people like you. We’re hosting several events to celebrate everything you do for our community.

First, starting on September 11th, we’ll be handing out gift cards to first responders who visit our branches. This is our way of thanking these brave people for the sacrifices they make on a daily basis. Their heroic acts keep us safe, and that’s something they deserve to be recognized for.

We’ll also be hosting a special concert for all of our hard-working members in October. It’ll be a great opportunity to relax and enjoy a night of free food, drinks, and entertainment. All Nuvision members are invited to attend. More details will be coming soon.

Thank you for being a member. And thank you for all the work you do.