Picking up STEAM: Academic summer programs for hard-working students

Jun 14, 2019, 11:47 AM by Author Unknown

STEAM Summer programs

Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean the learning should stop! Southern California is a great place to find engaging and educational camps for students of all ages. If you’re a student looking to get ahead this summer, or a parent looking to help your child gain valuable skills and experience, check out some of our top picks for STEAM programs in the area!

Discovery Cube OC

Date: Multiple week-long options beginning July 8th
Cost: Varies by grade/ camp
Ages: Grades K-8

Discover the science behind your favorite superheroes, the technical skills required to build and program computers, and the wonders of natural marshland environments. Discovery Cube OC offers multiple camps throughout the summer, teaching different subjects to a variety of age groups. Visit their website to find the best option for you.

Ocean Institute Summer Camps

Dates: June 17- August 16th
Cost: Varies by grade/ camp
Ages: Grades K-12 (5-17 years)

Learn about the ocean from the shore and on-board specially equipped vessels. This hands-on science program allows students of all ages to dive a little deeper into life under the sea, interact with animals, and explore marine science career options.

Summer @ Stratford

Dates: June 10- August 9th
Cost: Varies by grade/ camp
Ages: Grades Pre-K-12 (5-17 years)

The Stratford School offers programs for all children, preschool through high school. Their STEAM-based curriculum provides an exciting and educational experience for all campers. Students will learn to solve real-world problems, complete projects and hands-on activities, and build academic success skills that will help them throughout the school year.

iD Tech Camps@ UC Irvine

Dates: June 17- August 16th
Cost: Varies by grade/ camp
Ages: 7-17 years

These camps allow kids to choose from a variety of project-based learning experiences. They can learn video production, coding with Minecraft, VR design, 3D printing, and much more. Students of all ages will create many memories here and will take away a new set of skills. 

Young Scientists' Camp @ California State University Long Beach

Dates: July 15- July 26th 
Cost: $315/ student
Ages: Grades 2-8 for regular camps, 9-12 for high school girls physics program

Spend two weeks exploring different science topics in age-appropriate class settings. This hands-on program challenges students to learn and discover with engaging activities and projects. Campers get to utilize the science laboratories on the CSULB campus.

STEAMachine Summer Programs

Dates: 3 weeklong camp options from June 17-August 2nd   
Cost:  $250
Ages: Grades 4-8

Learn what it takes to become a Jedi, Avenger, or mythological half-blood from the Percy Jackson series. These camps combine STEM education with physical trainin so that students can conquer the battles of the mind, and the body. Kids will love exploring the science behind their favorite characters, and learning how to become a part of the story themselves.

FABcamp @ UC Irvine

Dates: 3 sessions from June 24-August 9th   
Cost:  $600
Ages: Grades 6-9 (11-14 years)

At FABcamp, students can learn about systems, engineering design, real-world math and science, and engineering career pathways under the supervision of UC Irvine engineers. With three camp levels, this is well suited for children of all skill levels.

Caustics Digital Academy Summer Technology Programs

Dates: June 10-July 12th    
Cost:  Varies by grade/ camp
Ages: Grades 4-12 (9-17 years)

Explore Java programming, Minecraft modding, 2D game design, digital art, and 3D animation at these educational summer camps. Students will walk away with new skills, good memories, and a project to share at home.

Bionerds Summer Camps

Dates: June 10-August 23rd      
Cost:  Varies by grade/ camp
Ages: Grades K-6th (4-11 years)

Students at the Bionerds camp are exposed to a variety of topics in biology. From anatomy to microbiology and bioengineering, your camper is sure to have a blast learning about the diversity of life on earth. Some sessions even include guest speakers working in the biology field who engage the students and help them understand more about possible career paths.

Project Scientist Summer STEM Academy @ Concordia University Irvine

Dates: June 24-August 2nd      
Cost:  $795/week
Ages: Girls 4-12 years

This all-girls camp encourages young ladies to explore science and immerse themselves in STEM studies. Surrounded by a community of other girls, campers learn from some of the best teachers, professors, and other female role models. In addition to learning about a variety of scientific topics, students will take a field trip each week to companies like Google, Microsoft, and Medtronic.