Military Appreciation Month: Ten ways you can show your support for our military heroes!

May 22, 2019, 09:56 AM by Author Unknown

May is Military Appreciation Month. Throughout the month we have been sharing stories and ideas on how to support our local military heroes. On Memorial Day, Nuvision will be showing our support by giving away free tanks of gas to active duty military and veterans in Huntington Beach and in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Nuvision Free Gas Event


Are you looking for a way to show your support for our military this month? There are many organizations who are also headquartered right here in Orange County who are doing great things for our veterans and their families. You can get involved and start helping today.

Heroes Hall Veterans Foundation

The mission of Heroes Hall is to celebrate the legacy of Orange County veterans. Their primary project is VOICES, a collaboration between their organization, Arts Orange County, and the Tierney Center for Veteran Services at Goodwill OC. VOICES aims to give the men and women who have served our country a platform to share their life experiences by hosting public readings and maintaining a collection of recorded stories. These poignant stories of service and sacrifice have brought the community together, and given the veterans involved a sense of appreciation and understanding.

You can view some of the past readings here. For more details on ways to get involved, check out their website here

STEP – Support the Enlisted Project

The mission of STEP is to create financial self-sufficiently in the families of active duty service members and recently discharged veterans across Southern California. They help those dealing with money-related crisis through outreach events, educational seminars, grants, and counseling services. 

STEP is always looking for volunteers and donors. Click here to find out about more.

Foundation for Women Warriors

Female veterans often face more challenges than their male counterparts. The Foundation for Women Warriors is dedicated to providing women with the resources they need to navigate the obstacles that come with post-military life. From housing assistance, to access to scholarships, professional development, childcare help, and community connection programs, these services have helped many veterans successfully transition to civilian life.

If you’d like to help this organization, they have a variety of roles you could take. They require mentors, executive sponsors, ambassadors, and volunteers, along with donors and fundraising sponsors. Find out more about helping here.

Strength in Support

From informal mentoring to workshops and formal counseling sessions, Strength in Support seeks to provide military personnel with access to the mental health services they need. Their efforts are helping to fill the current gap in treatment options for veterans. In 2018 alone, their organization served 857 individuals across the region and provided counseling services to 162.

To find out more about how you can help, click here.

Strong Families Strong Children

Families are important for the healthy development of young children. Strong Families Strong Children understands how difficult it can be for military and veteran parents to maintain a strong and resilient family when facing deployment or after dealing with injury or loss. That’s why they provide so many services free of charge, like counseling, support groups, and parent-child therapy.  Their programs have helped more than 200 children and families since they began in 2015, and are sure to impact countless more in the future.

Visit their website for more information.

Orange County Rescue Mission

Orange County Rescue Mission provides programs tailored to many different groups, but one of their primary focuses is on veterans. As the 1,388 veterans classified as homeless in Orange County show, it can be challenging for recently discharged soldiers to transition to civilian life. That’s why Orange County Rescue Mission has created outreach programs to help our veterans build self-sufficiency.

Find out how you can get involved here.

A Million Thanks

What began as a community service project right here in Orange County has grown into a national cause. A Million Thanks collects letters written by individuals in the community and sends them to U.S. troops stationed around the world. To date, they have sent out more than seven million letters.

A single letter can make a difference in a soldier’s life. You can make that difference today. Find out how to write and send a letter here, or find out other ways to get involved here.

Patriots and Paws

Patriots and Paws has a unique method of serving veterans. They provide veterans and currently enlisted service members and their families with furnishing for new homes. This takes some of the burdens off of them and helps those who were formally homeless regain some confidence. Patriots and Paws also connect those veterans who are interested with a rescued companionship animal. All of these programs are meant to provide comfort and support through the difficult process of readjusting to civilian life.

Patriots and Paws is always looking for additional volunteers. Click here to register.

Veterans Transition Support

VTS is a Southern California based nonprofit who aims to provide services for former military members transitioning to civilian life. We shouldn’t be allowing those who have served our nation to struggle with issues like unemployment, homelessness, and other financial and emotional challenges. VTS is working tirelessly to serve these people and bridge the gap.

You can help too. Find out how here.

Nuvision is Another Proud Supporter of Our Military.

Nuvision Credit Union Free Gas for Military Event


We are dedicated to helping our service members and have sponsored numerous outreach programs as well as special programs for the military in the communities we serve. This month, we’ve already sponsored an Armed Forces Appreciation BBQ in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This weekend, we’ll be hosting free gas giveaways in Huntington Beach, CA and Cheyenne, Wyoming, as well as a gas card giveaway at Denali. We’re also hosting a breakfast for veterans and active military at our Mesa, AZ branch.

For more information on the Huntington Beach event, check out our events page. For more information on the Cheyenne, Wyoming gas giveaway, click here.

These are just a few examples of the many ways we support our veterans. As a member of Nuvision, you help support all of the incredible outreach we do. If you’re not a member, you can find out how to become one here