Behind the uniform: Why it’s important to honor military families

May 10, 2019, 09:09 AM by Nuvision Credit Union 

Military Wife

This month, we honor those who have given up so much serving our country and protecting our freedom. Our veterans and soldiers face daily obstacles and give their best to the service of our nation. Most people understand the importance of helping the individuals in our military, but there’s another group of heroes who often go unrecognized—the families of these service members. They too make huge sacrifices, from toughing it out through deployments of their loved one to dealing with frequent relocations, they deserve every bit of our respect.  

That’s why today is Military Spouses Day, the time we honor the individuals who choose to live this life out of love for the person behind the uniform, not out of obligation. Military spouse’s day started in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation thanking spouses for the sacrifices they make and for their unwavering support. In 1999, Congress officially made this day a part of National Military Appreciation Month.

Military spouses might not be the ones on the front lines, but they show tremendous courage fighting the daily battles.

Despite the challenges of frequent relocations, uncertainty, and other stress that comes with the military lifestyle, they are able to carry the burden well. The truth is, the hope and love they bring is what keeps many military families going, and many soldiers are better because of their comfort and support.

Let’s not forget the great men and women behind our service members.                

They too play an important role in serving our country, one that not many are equipped to handle. We should be doing everything we can to make their lives easier. Not only for them, but also for the ones they support. By strengthening military families, we give those in service an invaluable gift: peace of mind knowing all is well back home.

Our community has many resources available for military families and spouses. We’ve gathered some of these and listed the names of a few organizations dedicated to this below:

Local resources for military families

Strong Families Strong Children

SFSC seeks to aid Orange County’s military families by running numerous free support programs. Through their partnerships with five non-profit agencies, they are able to provide access to counseling services, housing assistance, community education, children’s programs, and legal help. You can learn more about the organization here.

Orange County Veterans and Military Families Collaborative

The OCVMFC is an advocacy group committed to addressing the issues military families face in Orange County. Since their founding in 2013, they’ve improved access to services, generated funds for various financial help programs, and helped educate veterans looking for support. Today, they continue to help military families and connect them to local organizations who can give them the assistance they need. Find out more about what they do here.

Association of the United States Army

The AUSA educates communities on the needs of soldiers, veterans, and their families. The Greater Los Angeles Chapter works in our community to raise awareness, engage in community outreach, and get service members and their families the help they need. More resources and information can be found on their chapter website or the national website.

Additional support for military spouses

Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families strengthens military families by connecting them with others like them, creating unique support networks to address the specific challenges of military life. They also provide other programs addressing specific challenges often faced. Find more information here.

Army Wife Network

This online community is dedicated to inspiring and empowering military spouses. They run a blog and a podcast with advice and stories from other military wives. Visit them here.

Home Front United

Founded in 2010 by an Army National Guard wife, this website provides resources for military spouses and families along with other content aimed to celebrate the unique life military families live and create a sense of connection. Check out their website for more.